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As Livid is the PERFECT word, I must use it. I am not angry. I am not hurt. I am not outraged. I am livid. Who does this sort of thing? Who lets you sign up your super girls for … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Longing for Kindergarten

Yes. She said that. Only it was more like this.  In her tired sleepy little voice as I got out of the bathroom after my shower, Wordgirl was sitting in the armchair that is stuffed into our little dining room … Continue reading

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The Day She Learned "Shut Up"

I am not a swearing person. By nature and by choice. In 4th grade, to see what it was like I once said God’s name without reverence or honor . And I said it in a whisper under my breath. As soon … Continue reading

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Time Flies By

Even when it feels like it’s standing still, all around you, it’s flying by. Wordgirl is starting Kindergarten in less than 2 weeks.Just 5 years ago, she was a little baby.For these past 5 years, life has moved so slowly.  But … Continue reading

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Whooo Are You? Who who? Who who?

Who once said, “I want you to put your seatbelt back on so you won’t go to jail?” Yes, I had taken it off for a minute to get something.  But I was going to put it RIGHT. BACK. On. … Continue reading

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Too Many Words

It’s not that she’s being naughty. It’s not even that she’s making bad choices. What it is–she just has so much to say! Wordgirl is true to her name–A girl FULL of words (and questions!). I love her.  I love … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh

This video cracks me up!You won’t understand unless you watch the whole thing. Don’t I sound so disgusted with Wordgirl? It’s so funny! And my disgust TOTALLY detracts from how cute Dash and his dad were being! I have played … Continue reading

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