Pine Tree Apple Orchard

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One of the most loved apple orchards in the Twin Cities is Pine Tree Apple Orchard.  It is located in Dellwood and as you drive out to it, you drive past some of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen.  PIne Tree Apple Orchard is owned and operated by Art and Dickey Jacobson and their 6 children.

It is truly a family affair.  With strawberries in the early summer and the many different varieties of apples during the fall, Pine Tree Apple Orchard is well known and appreciated by many in the Twin Cities.

Pine Tree has a big (huge!) lawn with plenty of space for playing, eating, listening to music.  They have a corn maze, wagon rides through the orchard, pony rides, and pick your own pumpkins. During August, Pine Tree holds a Tennis Classic for Cancer research, and each fall they do a Walk & Run for the Apples through the orchard, strawberry fields, and pumpkin patch.

Their selection of baked goods and treats is ridiculous and tempting and delicious.  In the gift barn, they have a huge apple sorter that works and is available for you to watch the whole process.

Pine Tree does not have an entrance fee.  Each activity has it’s own cost, and they do not have PYO apples.  They do have a free educational/historical display set up in an apple shed on the hill.

If you are looking for a beautiful setting to enjoy the fall and get into the festive mood, Pine Tree Apple Orchard is a great option for you.

 450 Apple Orchard Road      
White Bear Lake, Minnesota 55110     


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