this is not staged

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what mom in her right mind would think this was a good idea?

what mom wouldn’t have thought that this was a possibility before she suggested it to her preschooler and toddler?

well, you see it started so simply. brin wanted to play in the water in the sink forever and so i thought i would distract her with a new activity for the evening. i got out some flour for her and she happily scooped and dumped.isn’t this so adorable? along the way, i started talking on the phone with my good friend, dacia, and was puttering around the rest of the house as this activity was progressively getting more exciting (however, as i am puttering, i am unaware!).

soon, maya was joining in the fun. so we had not one, but two very active girls participating in “baking cakes.”

shortly thereafter, the flour moved from the dining table to the girls’ table, and dane wanted to be involved. (do you see where this is going? if you don’t, please stay tuned!)

i walked into the dining room while i was still on the phone and this was how the conversation went:
gianna: so it’s okay to come over tomor….oh, my! oh, my! oh. oh. oh. this is okay. um, yeah, this is great! oh, they are having fun. um. um. yeah. (over my shoulder and up the stairs) chris, don’t come down, you might freak out!
dacia: what happened?
gianna: well, i got out flour for them to play with and well, flour is all over the house.
dacia: it’s all over the house?
gianna: no, not yet. but all over the dining room. *deep breath* okay! this is going to be okay! girls, we can’t actually put that in the oven. let’s find a pretend oven. oh, that’s a great spot. oops, i better just take that out of there. don’t scream, brin. we can’t put it in the real oven. maya, i grabbed it because dane was going to get it. i’m sorry. let’s find a new pretend oven. oh, that’s a good one. it doesn’t fit there and now there is flour there, too. oh, boy! um, (over my shoulder and up the stairs) chris do you think you could help me? dacia, i better go. i’ll see you tomorrow!
dacia: (giggling hysterically) okay!
it took bit, but we got it all cleaned up and well, okay. there is still flour dust everywhere including the cracks of my hardwood floor, but it makes good memories, right?


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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7 Responses to this is not staged

  1. Oh, my! What were you thinking?!?!?! Maybe next time use rice or something a bit less dusty?
    Great memories and great pics though!

  2. You need a shop vac. Buy one now.

  3. Jenny Aust says:

    I think you are a GREAT mom Gianna! The kids had so much fun, and just think, it was a pretty inexpensive activity. Clean up is a drag, but the kids were happily entertained…and working on their fine motor skills, I might add. My type A personality has gone through quite an adjustment with having two kids, but sometimes it’s just more fun to make a mess…especially if you get a few minutes to talk on the phone!

  4. Arletta Rue says:

    I like the rice idea!! ,, but the flour certainly was much more picture worthy!!

  5. DawnS says:

    Yes, flour does make a mighty mess! Great photo though of the footprints!

  6. Missew says:

    I wish you were my mom, bet my kids wish you were their mom too! No way are my kids getting their hands on flour but I am laughing at you are yours. Glad you aren’t too distraught over the flour that now resides in every crack of your home!

  7. Buckeroomama says:

    “this is not staged”

    I believe you! Who in their right mind would stage something like this? :p

    But I’m sure it’s worth it, though –the fun the kids had and the cute photos you were able to get while they were at it.

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