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I Buttoned It All By Myself, Mom!

Yep, she sure did!She deserves to be proud!

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Princess Pea at Our House

Princess Pea (running to the door to take out a stick that she wasn’t supposed to bring inside the house in the first place):  I’m going to take this outside! Mama:  No!  oh! oh!  You’re NAKED! ________________________________ As she fed … Continue reading

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Catching up from 6 months ago.

These are some photos that I have been meaning to show you since, oh, um, well, September 2009. Woops! We repainted Dash’s room so that it’s HIS room now and not the leftover-not-the-girls’-room-anymore room. Princess Pea’s first haircut did NOT … Continue reading

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YHWH is our helper. Does this mean that He needs us? Well, I suppose it could.  But I would like to encourage you to think of helping as having 2 different sides. On one side, Wordgirl and Princess Pea help ME with … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Nap

Where do you think she fell asleep?

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Hidden in their Hearts

In 2010, for our little preschool program, I decided (probably with some prompting from the Holy Spirit) to start preparing the supergirls for our new baby by memorizing these verses. I honestly can’t tell you how proud I am of … Continue reading

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awaiting superstars

I love EACH of my superstars (as I should, I am their mother), and up until about 5 minutes ago (literally, I’m not exaggerating), I was not looking forward to number 4. It’s not that I didn’t want the new … Continue reading

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