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A Not So Good Treat

To Mothers of Toddlers/PreschoolersFrom one who just discovered There are good treats and there are not so good treats.  Usually this information is obvious.  But you would be surprised how often a not so good treat emerges when you first thought, … Continue reading

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Have Lots of Children–it doesn’t matter anyway

To the audience of those who don’t think they want more than one or two kids, I have come to a realization that you may find helpful in your quest for determining if you should have more children.  I’m not … Continue reading

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What is a Maggot?

Praying Dear God, What is a maggot?  And why are they so absolutely disgusting?  I don’t think they are a result of the fall because if my studly husband is right (and he generally is), they are baby flies.  And … Continue reading

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Passionate Pleas Beggin’ on My Knees

Dear Young Children’s Underpants Company (aka Hanes, Fruit of a Loom, Carters, Etc), I would like to file a complaint.  I think it is absolutely silly that you put characters on children’s underpants.  If you are insist on putting cartoon characters … Continue reading

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