Three Rivers Parks–Getting Involved

Elm Creek Park Reserve Trail
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The Three Rivers Parks District‘s goal is to promote environmental stewardship through natural-resource based recreation and education.  I have always been enamored with Three Rivers Parks.  And now since Dash is going to Doodlebugs and we are at Silverwood every week, I am even more so.  The parks themselves are free.  At a few of the different parks, there is a fee for parking, but overall, the park system can be enjoyed free of charge.  I appreciate that. 

I like to have my kids outside especially in the summer.  Three Rivers Parks invites you to play with big fun and exciting playgrounds like at the Hyland Lake Park Reserve or the Elm Creek Park Reserve.  It invites you to enjoy the water at parks like Fish Lake Regional Park or French Regional Park (I am particularly drawn to this one as my last name used to be French). You are welcome to take part in a variety of education whether it be conservation at parks like Baker-Near Wilderness Settlement or history at The Landing or Gale Woods Farm.  

No matter the season, there are many things to participate in.  The Preschool classes are scheduled throughout the year.  The trails are good for walking, running, biking, horseback riding, cross country skiing. Hyland Lake and Elm Creek Park Reserves have  a winter sports location at their parks, too where you can ski or tube.  Some parks are equipped for dog sleds and snowshoes, too!

Three Rivers Parks also hosts a variety of activities.  This past weekend you could enjoy Silverwood Park’s “Field Trip” or Gale Woods Farm “Saturday Morning at the Farm.”

In a couple of weeks, Elm Creek Park Reserve is the site of the Autumn Woods Classic.  A fun event for the whole family to participate in by running in a race or enjoying the festivities of the day.

Hyland Lake Park Reserve
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As much as I am thrilled to live near these parks and as much as we can benefit from these parks, I have recently learned about another opportunity. 

  Did you know that you can be active at the Three Rivers Parks District by volunteering your time?  There are so many different ways to volunteer.  You can be involved with educational farming at Gale Woods Farm (being a farmer),

The Barn Area
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living history at The Landing (acting a role in costume), nature education  at the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park and North Mississippi Regional Park, or Art Education at Silverwood.  Also, you can be a volunteer to help maintain the parks or be a guide.

There is so much to be a part of at Three Rivers Parks.  And the more time you spend there, the bigger the return will be.
If you are interested in learning more, there is a Volunteer Open House being held. 

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