Family Friendly Wineries

Today A Traveling Thought welcomes Lindsey Brickell.  She has great suggestions regarding a more upscale idea for vacation.  I know that my sister-in-law will appreciate these suggestions!

Family vacations are important; they’re a chance for family bonding, adventure, and
relaxation. While it’s important to spend time with the whole family and provide your
children with fun experiences they’ll remember for the rest of their life it’s also vital for
you, the parents, to take some time to relax. A vacation needs to be a time for you to
recharge and refresh yourself before heading back to “real life”.

If you’re a wine enthusiast or just looking for some fun (adult fun, not singing and
dancing animated character fun) consider stopping by a winery. Since it’s a family
vacation, you probably don’t want to make it a winery tour; however, there are family
friendly wineries out there. Here are a few of the wineries where you can kick back and
relax with a local vintage and still ensure your kids have a good time:

Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Geyserville, CA
This winery is more like a resort. In addition to wine tasting there’s an onsite restaurant
where you and your family can sit down to have lunch or dinner. There’s also four
Bocce courts, movie memorabilia throughout, a pool, and a poolside cafe. With all of
that who would ever want to leave? Guess what, you don’t have to! The winery also
offers cabins. One word of warning, you have to reserve pool passes in advance, and
during the busy season you’ll need to give plenty of notice.

3 Oceans Winery in Margaret River, Western Australia
When this property was first purchased and cleared (in 1952) it was a dairy farm;
however, today, it’s a first rate family friendly winery serving over 100,000 visitors each
year. While you enjoy some of the fine wines they have to offer, your kids will have
plenty to do inside and out. Inside, children can color, play with toys, or enjoy video
games on the winery’s Playstation. Outside, children can run around or try a game of
cricket. The winery also has an onsite cafe if you’re feeling hungry and free WiFi.

Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane, VA
This winery may not have a pool or arcade, but it does have one thing that most other
wineries don’t: A pet friendly policy. That’s right, you can bring your children and your
dog to this winery. The owners, Brian and Sharon, are real dog lovers and they didn’t
just want to create a winery – they wanted to create a place of community. Hence the
Barrel Oak Winery was born in 2008. Dogs are welcome inside and out as long as they
remain on a leash at all times and under the supervision of an adult. Children will be
given free juice and can run around outside.

Pindar Vineyards in Peconic, NY
Founded in the early 1980s, Pindar Vineyards produces over 70,000 cases of wine
each year. While they’re family friendly year round with an outside play area for children
and events such as live music and coloring when the weather isn’t so friendly, the best
time to take your children is in September. Each September, they have their Harvest
Festival which offers face painting, food such as fondue, live music, hay rides, wine
tasting (of course!) and much more.

Make sure family vacations are fun for everyone (yes, that includes you, the parents,
too)! Don’t exclude wineries from your list of attractions to check out simply because
you’re afraid your children will be bored to death. There are plenty of family friendly
wineries around – some are so friendly you’re children will be the ones who don’t want to

Article by Lindsey Brickell on behalf of Washington MAST Alcohol Training. Lindsey is a
traveling addict and who loves exploring with her family whenever possible.


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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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