Family’s Guide to a Successful Trip to the MN State Fair

The Minnesota Great Get Together.  With so many people pushing and milling and occupying space in one little area, why would we want to attempt it? 

Because it’s fun! 

Last year, I wrote this piece about having a Successful day at the fair. 

I hope you take some of it to heart and enjoy it! 

To: Anyone who would like to try to enjoy the MN State Fair with kids
From: One who successfully and quite accidentally did just that

State Fairs are chaotic and crazy!  And yet each year I feel the tug….I feel the pull….I feel the yearning of I-have-to-get-to-the-State-Fair-this-year.
Especially in Minnesota. 
My husband thinks I’m crazy.
But my husband thinks I’m crazy when it comes to a lot of things. 
This is not unusual in our house.
So we will just roll with it, shake it off, and proceed into another year’s edition of gluttony on a stick.  Not that I eat a lot of food on a stick.
Although one year, I did have the macaroni & cheese on a stick–I do not recommend.  The tatertot hotdish on a stick was do-able though.
For those of you who cannot figure out what tatertot hotdish is:  just replace the word hotdish for casserole and add cream of mushroom soup and there you have it.

But I digress.

Since Labor Day was the last day of the Fair this year, I figured I would post what I learned for you so that you can remember it until next year.

So bookmark this page.

Steps of How to Make the Great Minnesota Get Together Kid Friendly
Preface:  Decide the year before with your mother that you think you should and could do the State Fair with all the kids.  Know full well that your husband will not be on board for a number of reasons that include but are not limited to the following:  He doesn’t like the Fair, he doesn’t like crowds, he doesn’t like to bring the children to unknown activities, and he thinks Minnesotans are weird.  (Yet he married one, so what does that say about him?)

1. (we will not need to do this this year) Wait impatiently for your mother to come home from Canada.  In fact, call her on your aunt’s phone as she is on her way to Niagara Falls because you can’t wait another minute and your mom didn’t answer her phone.

2.  (your library’s reading program may not have the same reward.  If that’s the case, go to your local Cub Foods, and buy reduced price admission tickets)Collect your children’s winnings for their library’s summer reading program:  2 tickets to the Fair!  YEEHAW!

3.  Make no food list to be followed as if it was the Ten Commandments.  Look online at the new food this year and remove any thought of following a list from your mind.  You will only be disappointed. 

4.  Take a small umbrella stroller and a baby carrier.  Anything more will be too cumbersome and you will want to chuck the stroller into the lumberjack pool to be rid of it, only to realize that now you have to lug an ornery 3 year old around AND a 17 month old.

5.  Take the bus to the fair.  That is half the fun!  Discuss the difference between a charter bus and a city bus!  Oh, the education the Fair brings out!

6.  Purchase 2 adult tickets and one child ticket.  Walk away from the booth, count your tickets, and realize that you don’t need a ticket for your 4 year old or your 3 year old.  And your 4 year old has a ticket from the summer reading program that you can use from Grandma.  So you can return one child ticket and one adult ticket equaling $19!  SWEET!  More to eat with!  Proceed into the fair!

7.  Eat a good breakfast at a diner.

8.  Don’t forget to pack sippy cups for the kids.  They will thank you for it.  However, be prepared to lose one, maybe two.  That’s just the way it is!

9.  Indulge the kids in rides. 

10.  Buy cotton candy.

11.  Buy a Sno-cone!

12.  Introduce your children to the farm.  As you are herded in droves through the pretend farm, state loudly and clearly, “This is just like a real farm!”  Forget for a moment that they do not pick up on sarcasm and then be grateful that they don’t. Continually ask them if they are having fun so as not to lose sight of the goal of the activity as you get crabbier and crabbier!

13.  Make sure to pet a cow.  Make it a jersey (as they are the most adorable cows ever!)

14.  Check out the baby animals.

15.  Most importantly, take your time and don’t try to see everything!  Shopping with kids–NO!  Eating ice cream more than once–YES!


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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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