Erie Canal–Lockport, New York

After an incredibly long drive from Chesterton, Indiana to Buffalo, New York and some disappointing news that we wouldn’t get to see Ruhama and Chip until the next day, we settled in for the night at Country Inn & Suites and started to make plans for the next day.  We had a three hour drive to the reunion, but we had most of the day to do whatever we wanted to do.

So we made plans.  I really wanted to see the Erie Canal.   Plus, I could kind of remember a song that I had LOVED in 4th grade about a mule named Sal and the Erie Canal.  We were so close.  That would be so incredibly cool.  At least I thought so. I wasn’t the only one.  Chris’s dad was interested in it, too.  So that made the decision.

 Destination:  Erie Canal, Lockport NY.

Lockport is home to the Flight of Five Locks  which includes the most famous locks on the Erie Canal:  Lock 34 and Lock 35.  They are the most famous because they are the biggest (according to our tour guide Nate–more on him to come!)

We (by we, I mean my father in law — who will be referred to as Dad–and me because no one else really cared that much) decided that we wanted to take the Erie Canal Cruise that puttered along the canal with the excitement of experiencing the Locks.  The cruises left at 10:00 or 12:00.  To make it to the boat for the 10:00 cruise, we had to leave our hotel by 9:00.

Well, I can most definitely say that didn’t happen.

We had had a 12 hour driving day the day before and the kids were sleeping in a pitch black room.  So they slept until we woke them up.  And when we woke them up, they didn’t move fast at all.

Plus, Country Inn & Suites has big breakfasts and you want to take advantage of what you are paying for, so we weren’t out the door by 9:00.

We could have taken the 12:00 cruise, but we wanted to make sure that we left around 1:00 to get to the camp for the reunion on time.  And the cruise was 2 hours long.

This day was getting shorter and shorter!

We decided instead to take the Lockport Cave & Underground Boat Ride.  Even though the cruise would have been fun, and I look forward to going back to take a cruise, I believe we chose the best option.

It was a 70 minute tour that after we paid for our tour, we had 35 minutes to kill so Chris and Mom  (mother in law, but go with me) went to the van to grab some “lunch.”  AKA granola bars, jello, oreos, and something else really sweet, I just can’t remember what.

Eat up, kids!  This is your lunch!

More to come about our Lockport experience.

But first enjoy this photo montage!

There is lots to see in Lockport right near the Canal.  Here’s some of the history you can experience.

 Crossing the canal on a bridge.  This was probably the safest place for a couple of little ones to be.  Other areas were not as safe.

As in, right about here!  From here, the canal was behind us, but there was water outlets that helped to raise and lowered the locks.  There was dam-like waterfall from this vantage point.

This would be Grandpa preventing JackJack from plunging to
his death from the sheer drop into the canal mechanisms.
Thanks, Grandpa!

 Looking out over the canal . It was gorgeous.  Even man-made things can be beautiful.

 The location and the mechanics of the Locks.

This was the outlet side of the lock that I previously mentioned.

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