Book Review: Murder Takes Time

*This post is a sponsored post, but all the opinions are 100% mine.  Believe me!  I’ve been agonizing over this review for days.*

I have never read an ebook.  I know that I am completely behind, but I haven’t really been ready to commit to this form of literature.  Because to me, literature has to sound like literature.  I can hear the word literature when I read a book.  Literally.  I hear the word with each page turn or the flapping of the pages by an open window.  I physically hear literature when I read.

Reading an ebook was going to take the literature out of literature.

Then, I thought, well, I had better try it.  I don’t want to be accused of being unfair especially since my husband just bought a Kindle Fire.  Why?  Because he got it dirt cheap, and he wanted one.  Who was I to begrudge him.   Then, this opportunity came up for an ebook review and I thought, “Okay, sure, why not?”  So I jumped in with both feet.

There are 2 reviews happening.  First, my review of reading an ebook.  Second, my review of reading Murder Takes Time.

First review
There are pros and cons to reading an ebook.

  • The book is small.  No matter how many pages (or how books) you are going to read, the book never changes sizes. 
  • Turning the “pages” is kind of fun. 
  • You don’t need a bookmark because it just stays on the page you stop on.
  • Trying to figure out how to get a new book on your your Kindle/Nook/What have you, is a bit perplexing and you might delete the ultra important delivery email because you will think it’s spam.  Am I talking from experience?  You may never know. 
  • When your two year old sees you reading on your Kindle, he will take full advantage of the ability he has to turn the “pages.” 
  • There are no page numbers.  I cannot tell you how much this alone bugged me!
However, will this prevent me from trying to write an ebook?  Oh, probably not!
Now, for the review of Murder Takes Time.  It is the first story written by Giacomo Giammatteo.  The essence of the story is this.  A group of kids grows up in Wilmington, Delaware–already a plus for me since I have a handful of good friends in Wilmington DE.  Three in particular are really tight, and as they grow up, they follow in the mob’s footsteps.  However, one of them becomes a cop (Frankie), one gets in deep with the mob (Tony), and the last one, Nicky, ultimately goes to jail  (oh, don’t worry, I didn’t give anything away!)
The book opens with a gruesome murder.  GRUESOME! and you, the reader, begin to follow along with their lives and how they are interconnected while they seem completely different.  The story is told chapter by chapter from an unknown person’s perspective in 1st person and then from 3rd person following Frankie.  And back and forth.  Sometimes in the middle of chapters it changes. I  like the concept, but at times it was very difficult to follow. 
Murder Takes Time is not a book I would recommend to families. Giacomo Giammatteo didn’t write it for kids.  He would never say that he did.  On the other hand, A Traveling Thought is written for families, so that puts me in a tight spot.   Trying to be fair, I will list the pros and cons. 
  • Giacomo Giammatteo is an engaging writer.  Even though, it was difficult for me to read at times, I still wanted to know what happened in the end. 
  • This book has an interesting plot twist. 
  • Lots of characters to get to know. 
  • Language–Rough and offensive.  Do not read this to your children (it was never intended for children–but I will say it again.  Don’t read it to your kiddos!) 
  • Sexual imagery–Let me repeat myself.  Not for kids, or many adults either 
  • Graphic violence–I still shudder as some of the scenes depicted that I had to skip because I felt nauseous reading them.  Now, let me say, those images may not bother you.  I’m just letting you know that they are there.  
How do I close a review of a book intended for grown ups only on a blog for families?  
I say Giacomo Giammatteo wrote Murder Takes Time at an adult level with no intention of speaking to children with it.  And while I had to skip a lot of graphic descriptions, I couldn’t put it down.

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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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