Lake Michigan

Swimming in Lake Michigan is amazing.  I was thoroughly thrilled to finally be in Lake Michigan.
I grew up for 2 year of my life living next to Lake Superior.

It’s important to know something about Lake Superior.
In most places in Lake Superior, you don’t swim.

It’s not just that you don’t swim.
It’s that you can’t swim.

Unless you are trying to freeze your limbs off of your body.  If you think I am joking, I am telling you that I am not.

When I learned that it is possible to swim in Lake Michigan because of the show Family Matters (your remember Steve Urkel, right?), I immediately wanted to try it.  Twenty years later, my dream came true.

So we were taken to the Indiana Sand Dunes on Lake Michigan by Chris’s cousins (Indiana Dunes State Park).  If you live in Indiana and don’t have a State Park pass, it’s $5.  If you are not from Indiana, it’s $10.

 This state park is absolutely beautiful.  The sand is huge.  Huge sand.  Other than the desert, have you ever used the words huge sand together?  This beach is beautiful.  It’s a short walk from the van to the beach.  However, it’s a long walk from the beach to the van because you are so tired from the amazing fun you had on the beach.

 This beautiful building housed the bathrooms and the souvenirs and the concessions.  Honestly, I didn’t need to go into it, so I can’t tell you how beautiful it was or how well it was maintained.  However, whatever it looks like inside, I thought the building itself was gorgeous and gave the beach character.

Beyond the building you see a huge hill.  That is a sand dune.  They are huge hills made entirely of sand.  I find it amazing that things grow out of it–trees, grass, flowers.  I was expecting desert dunes.  However, these dunes are right next to Lake Michigan.  So it’s like an oasis.  Of course it is, I am brilliant.

 When we got to the beach, we set up shop right next to a river that ran through the the beach.  It was pretty good since technically we weren’t supposed to be in the water until the lifeguards were on duty at 11:00 and we got there at 10:30 am.  The little stream made it possible for us

 That man in the background was building an elephant.

 Joyful cousins enjoying the Lake!

 I love that you look across the lake and you can’t see the other side!  I loved that about Lake Superior and I love it about Lake Michigan.

What I liked best about the beach was the sand.  The pure blue clear water.  The river.

What I didn’t like the bigness of the beach.  I kept losing the kids because they would wander away without paying attention because they were just having fun!

A day at the beach with children is definitely not a “day at the beach.”  But I would go back in a heart beat.  It was beautiful!


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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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