The Color Run

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I am beyond excited for this coming Sunday.  In February, my friend Melissa posted on her blog Colourize Your World about this race–The Color Run.  I haven’t run a race in 5 years, but once I saw this, I decided it was time.

Because this was an event I could not miss!

I signed up as soon as I could and now am registered to run in the most fun race I have ever participated in.
(Even more fun than the Derby Days 5K I ran where the runners started on the track at Canterbury Downs–even out of the starting gate like the horses.  They had an announcer up in the box doing a play by play.  My aunt and I were the last ones on the track and were mentioned by name!  Totally worth the humiliation!  It was so hilarious when he yelled, “Run, ladies, RUN!”)

Anyway, why am I telling you about a 5K happening this Sunday, July 15?
Because my husband changed his work schedule to come.
We are bringing the kids.
We have invited my parents to drive down to watch.

Because even though it’s going to be a blast for the runners (obviously), how much fun will the crowd get to participate in?

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And I’ll tell you why.
All the runners start wearing a white t-shirt.  Throughout the 3 miles are color stations which the runners enter and get blasted with different color powder.  So by the time the race is done, we–the runners–are just a hodgepodge of flavor.  It will be exhilarating for the families to watch the runners  become less and less recognizable and more and more colorful.

At the end of the race, the racers participate in the Color Run Festival Finish where we all throw our specified color packet into the wind and get showered one last time with color.

Seriously?  This is so awesome!

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So if you are interested in being a experiencing this extraordinary event, here are the details.

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The Color Run
Sunday, July 15, 2012 
8:00 am-1:00 pm 
Minnesota State Fairgrounds, just off of Snelling Avenue in St. Paul

Charity Benefit Partner
Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless

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  1. librariane says:

    Looking forward to all the pictures!

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