Lynden’s Soda Fountain

Across Hamline Avenue from Cretin Durham Hall School sits a little and yet absolutely fabulous iconic soda fountain called Lynden’s Soda Fountain.

With wood floors, chalkboard menus on the walls, candy jars lining the wall, and an authentic soda fountain (found in a basement at a church in St. Paul) to sit at, you are taken back to 1958 as you are served by actual soda jerks dressed in simple T-shirts and aprons tied around the waist.  Comfortably fitting 3 families, Lynden’s makes you feel like you belong in the neighborhood!

The owners/operators of Lynden’s Soda Fountain worked to open just this spring of 2012. No detail was left out. Included in the menu are ice cream, sodas, egg creams, phosphates, and coffee. On all days except Monday, Mojo monkey donuts are served. You are probably wondering why they aren’t served on Mondays. The answer is simple. Lisa Clark (mojo monkey donut maker) is closed on Mondays.

And don’t forget the vintage candy.  It’s all vintage from gum balls to jawbreakers, cracker jacks to pop rocks.

While the root beer floats and shakes were beyond delicious looking, we were in pursuit of the ice cream cone.  And ice cream cone we got.

Lynden’s ice cream comes from The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company of Madison Wisconsin.  It’s amazingly premium.  The Deadman family has been making this ice cream for over 50 years and they know what they are doing.

The flavors our family tried were: ultimate oreo, butter pecan, cotton candy twist, blue moon, and zoreo.  I also sampled yippee skippee.  I must say that this is incredible ice cream. 
  • ultimate oreo:  just what you would expect–amazing cookies and cream made with oreos
  • butter pecan:  my 5 year old ate this and unexpectedly loved it.  It had a rich buttery goodness.
  • cotton candy twist:  no need to go to the carnival and eat cotton candy.  In all it’s sweetness, it was refreshing. 
  • blue moon:  in two words–fruit loops.  It tastes JUST like fruit loops 
  • zoreo:  zanzibar chocolate with marshmallow creme swirled throughout and oreos and chocolate chunks mixed in.  A chocolate lovers DREAM!
 Available at Lynden’s are approximately 24 flavors out of the close to 100 different flavors. The cones come in different sizes with single scoop, double scoop, waffle cone–single and double, and kiddie scoop. Oh, and a double dandy.  They had some funky looking cones that I think were specifically made for the double dandy.

 I’m going to start ordered kiddie scoops.  This summer of ice cream has been wonderful, but it’s already  time I stop eating so much ice cream.  

The highlight of our visit was after we had ordered our cones, a dad walked in with his 4 kids and said, “Okay, everyone, regular seats!”

They were regulars at Lynden’s and had their spots at the fountain.  They didn’t even need to look at the menu.  They knew exactly what they wanted to order.  Shakes, floats, and a cone!
Next time we go to Lynden’s Soda Fountain–and there will totally be a next time–we will be sitting at the soda fountain.  And I will be trying an egg cream.  No, a phosphate.  Wait, maybe a sundae.  I guess we will see!
Lynden’s Soda Fountain is an experience.  If you can do it and even if only once, it’s totally worth your time.

490 Hamline Ave. South
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55116

Right next door to The Nook
651 330-7632 (s0da) 

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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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