Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Without completely intending to, we spent the day at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

the infamous Spoonbridge and Cherry

Saturday was the First Free Saturday at the Walker Art Center, and it was a beautiful day.  After an oppressive heat wave (fortunately for us Northerners it only lasted for 8 days–but those 8 days were long), we were ready to be outside without needing to be the water.

What joy to be able to spread our wings and run around, to be able to breathe, and simply enjoy ourselves. We got up early and made it to the Walker by opening time.

The theme for July’s first Saturday was Democracy Day. Bringing attention to many social justice “issues” in artistic form.  Since we were there early, we were able to enjoy some of the activities without a large crowd. However, this summer, the Walker’s activities are located on their Open Field outside behind the museum.  While this seems like a great idea, it’s fairly difficult to keep track of a wandering 2 year old.  And I wasn’t able to just plop him down at a table to let him play with Legos while I finished an art project with Dash and Princess Pea (Wordgirl didn’t make it this time as she was at a friend’s house overnight).
The day’s choices included:

  • Art-making: Support Change–create a poster sign to make your voice heard. 
  • Activity: Oh Wow Special–decorate a calendar that marks important dates of radical and civic history. 
  • Activity: capitol HILL–several booths including the Department of Departmenthood and Departmentality and the Department of Memorial Memorability
  • Activity: MN350–hands on activities and performances about climate change 
  • Activity: Department of Everything Else Outpost–role playing a town but running for office, proposing laws, and suggesting an official anthem. 
  • Performance:  Bomba–traditional music from Puerto Rico 
  • Guided Tours–of the galleries or the garden 
  • Open Field Tool Shed–supplies of the young and young at heart to enjoy. 
  • WAC Garden Packs–self guided activity kit for the Sculpture Garden

The first thing we did was watch the short film offered!

Then, outside the doors, the Open Field Tool Shed was set up on the Vineland Plaza.  We took full advantage of this exciting area of free play. They had shelves of building supplies and shelves of games and shelves of musical instruments and shelves of creative supplies.  There was a jumprope.  Pretty much anything you wanted to play with–or some things you didn’t even know existed–you could find in the tool shed.

We had fun at the Department of Mustachery–part of the capitol HILL tents.  The kids made paper mustaches on a stick.  It was a bit difficult to work outside with paper and glue when there was a stiff breeze blowing through.

We then moved over to the oh, WOW special.  (honestly, I have no idea why these things were named as they were) There they got to decorate calendars.  To me, this did not seem that exciting since it was just coloring pictures on paper with markers or colored pencils.  They could do this at home.
But I guess being outside doing this project made it that much more exciting.

At 11:00, in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, there was a performance of traditional Puerto Rican folkloric music called Bomba.   Bomba was performing in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, so we met up with our buddies,  found a piece of shade, and sat down to enjoy the music and dancing.

They asked us as the audience to participate with them as Bomba is very communal music.  So they wrote the words out for us.

They brought skirts for us to wear and to dance with them.

It was really fun to twirl around in the skirts and feel all pretty and festive.

After Bomba was done, we decided to hang out in the Sculpture Garden for a while.  This was the highlight of the day.

We couldn’t figure out what this was exactly, but the boys sure had a blast playing with it.  

The sculpture garden is a lot of fun.  With signs everywhere that say do not climb on sculptures, it’s hard for little ones to not get into trouble as absolutely everything is beckoning you to climb.

The Garden is quite large and a joy for everyone to enjoy together.  It is free for the public and open year round.  There is a conservatory included in the Garden that has limited hours.  It is well worth the visit though.  The first entire expanse is filled with stephanotis (my absolute favorite flower).  It is purely magical.

The remaining summer Walker Art Center Free First Saturdays are on August 4 and September 1.  They are a LOT of fun.  However, you don’t need to go on the first Saturday of the month to enjoy the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden for free.

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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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