Traveling on a Budget–Gas Tips

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There is one thing  about traveling that makes us all cringe.  And that’s the price of gas.  It affects everyone’s travel plans–whether you fly or you drive.  Even taking the train or the bus is affected by this.

If you are going to take a roadtrip, here some ideas.

These ideas from Kathleen Crislip

  • Coast to a stop at a light or stop sign and take off slowly.
  • Have your tires properly inflated.
  • Use cruise control on long flat stretches, but take it off when driving up and down hilly terrain.
  • Going the speed limit helps to maintain good mpg.  And if you are pulled over for a speeding ticket?  Say goodbye to a fun vacation.

  • Buy gasoline during early morning or late evening–the coolest times of the day when gasoline is the densest.
  • Know what kind of gasoline is the best for your car.
  • Don’t buy if a gasoline truck is pumping into the storage tanks.
  • Avoid excessive idling.

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