Traveling on A Budget: Places to Stay Part 2

I have a dear friend who gave me a subscription to All You Magazine.  I love this magazine because it’s easy reading and in my crazy busy house that’s EXACTLY what I need.
The June 2012 issue has an article about how to keep traveling as inexpensive as possible.

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Here are their suggestions for how to find lodging for cheap.

  • Try out National Park Service sites.  You need to plan ahead for these sites, though, since they fill up quickly. 
  • Discover independent hotels by using This website will email you lodging possibilities.  You must fill out a 7 step information form that whittles  your options within your price range. 
  • and  are other sites that offer rooms and homes to stay in for a fraction of the cost.  These websites are similar to .  It makes any vacation seem possible!
  • Use or Groupon Getaways to find big discounts for the more posh hotels.
  • Check out vacation lodging forums: and  Personally, forums make me a bit anxious, but after doing some research and looking around/reading, it is possible to find helpful information and save some money. 
One last idea. Camping.  By bringing your one lodging and gear, all you need to pay for is a spot of land and maybe some amenities–like a bathroom.  You can find those in national and state parks for about $15 per night.  You can find information on private campgrounds at and  These sites give you some feedback on prices and the quality of the grounds.  

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