Minneapolis Institute of Art : Target Family Day

As a family, we were able to enjoy a day together at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

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It just so happened to be Target Family Day. And it was fantastic. 

The day began with a 1/2 mile race I participated in with all my kids.  Every single one of them ran (at least for a little while)!  We could run in the 3/4 mile, 1/2 mile, or the 1/4 mile race.  We had decided that we would run in the 1/4 mile as I would be running with a 2 and 3 year old (as well as my 5 and 7 year old).  However, after the first race took off–the 3/4 mile race–I decided that we could do the 1/2 mile.  
Honestly?  I didn’t want to wait anymore.  It was gloomy, cold, rainy, and windy.  Wordgirl helped me with JackJack and when the countdown to takeoff happened, she let go and zoomed out of the start.  From there I lost her completely.  Luckily, Daddy and Grandpa and Grandma were around to meet her at the finish.  As well as Princess Pea since half way through our “run,” she decided it was fun and made a break for it.  So I was left with two very enthusiastic little boys who were trying their best to run at the very end of the pack. 

I must say that they stole the show!  
At least for our family!  
The girls did great running all the way to the Finish!  
Well sorta!  *grin*
After the 1/2 mile race was done, they did the 1/4 mile race.  After eating some snacks and getting something to drink, we were ready to enjoy the museum. 
However, we still had 15 minutes to wait until the Minneapolis Institute of Art opened.  With the racers milling around, we were entertained by Mudonna from the St. Paul Saints and Viktor of the Minnesota Vikings.  
When they opened the doors, we were ready!  

Target Family Day:  Play Ball 

Once a month, Target hosts a Family Day at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  While the MIA is always free, Family Day includes sponsored activities.  LOTS of sponsored activities surrounding the theme, and this month it was Play Ball. 
 MIA usually has a special exhibition, and this month it was “The Sports Show.”  “The Sports Show” included photographs of  famous athletes like Jesse Owens and Babe Ruth.  It included moving pictures–whether animated or live action–not highlight reels.  There was a room full of the sound of a cheering crowd.    
These special exhibitions are not free so while you can enjoy most of the museum without spending a penny, if you want to see the featured shows, you must pay an admission fee for those.  
Except on Target Family Day when Target  opened the exhibition  to anyone who asked for a free ticket.  
There were many different things in which to participate:  Artmaking Awards Medals, Artmaking Sports Collage, Gallery Hunt:  Good Sports.  
Other activities included Yoga, Sports Clinic, Hooping Lessons, Photography Art Cart, Performance of Jackie Robinson at Bat.  They also provided a photo op with the U of M mascot Goldy Gopher.
Once again, we took it easy.  We got there when it opened and stayed for an hour.  We were exhausted from the Art Dash and were starting to get hungry.  
We participated in the Gallery Hunt:  Good Sports, and the kids all received a prize for participating.  I enjoyed how their scavenger hunt was laid out.  They took you room by room to find each of the items listed/shown.  It was simple and yet it still helped you to take in the artwork in a creative way!
My mom and dad enjoyed making the Sports collage with the kids.  

The sports collage was fun, too, because they took photocopies of the actual art displayed in “The Sports Show,”  so not only were the kids excited to find the listed works of art, they wanted to find their art pieces!
The MIA is a super exciting place to explore.  It’s huge!  We could probably go back for the next 12 weeks and not see everything!  It’s fantastic that it’s free.  It’s fantastic that the staff understands children and speaks to them at their levels.  It’s fantastic that the art is out to see.  It’s fantastic that you can spend an hour their and feel totally fulfilled and come out smiling. 
The other thing that is fantastic about the MIA is that it has a Family Center.  A place that you can hang out with your kids if they have had too much and need a break.  
Who thinks of these things? 
The MIA does apparently.  And it is much appreciated.  If we want our children to grow to appreciate culture and arts, we need to understand how to help them enjoy it.  And that’s not by making them look at things they don’t care about for 2 hours all the while yelling, “don’t touch!”  
It’s exposing them to things they can’t touch and then bringing them to a place where they are welcome to touch and play and learn.
The next Target Family Day is Sunday May 13–“It’s About Time.”
It will feature
  •  hands on sculpting, 
  • rhythm workshops, 
  • exploring the Tudor Room (I don’t know what that is) and hearing music that is over 300 years old, 
  • another gallery hunt, and learning about oil paiting and textile masterpieces. 
  The museum opens at 11:00 am on Sundays, so if you wanted to, you could take your family to first service at church, and still be at the museum when the doors opened.  What a lovely way to enjoy Mother’s Day! 

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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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  1. This sounds fabulous! The MIA definitely has a good thing going. :o)
    And I am so impressed that you all ran in the race. Good job, Mom!

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