Go Fish in Concert

IF you ever get a chance to see Go Fish in concert, I would say GO FOR IT!  We went to the Timberwolves game  this past Sunday that was followed by their concert.
It was cut in half, but totally worth it.

Here’s how the girls felt about the basketball game.

Here’s how they felt after they learned they were going to get to see Go Fish.

And here’s Go Fish.  If I liked their CDs, seeing them live, up close, and in person, and sweating  (okay, so that part was kind of gross!) was so beyond fun!

But what was even better was seeing the excitement in the girls’ eyes.  
They were really going to get to watch them.  And hear their favorite songs.
We tried to guess what song they would start with. 
Of course, it was Snazzy!  

We went way down to the bottom and sat three rows up.  We could see everything.  While it was a little overwhelming for Princess Pea, Wordgirl couldn’t get enough of it.

We met some IRL friends at the game who helped us bide our basketball time.

Went to college with this one.  He is now making a living by doing what I glared at him for at a Women’s Chorale concert his freshman year.

Didn’t know this guy at all except that we got him to sing at our Spring Banquet.

Went to college with him, too.  Can I just say that he’s got the coolest job in the world?  He gets to hang out with his friends, traveling the country, singing, “Boom, Baboom, boom”?  Occassionally, he’ll sing a word or two, and of course, he has to sing the right notes.  But seriously! I want his job!

Marching to her favorite song “Soldier in the Army of the Lord.”  She was very serious about getting it right!

Singing one of his favorite songs that he shares with Wordgirl.  She was elated!

Two happy campers!


  • Since this was a promotional thing, their concert was basically cut in half and they weren’t allowed to meet the crowd after the show. So if you are interested in going to a Go Fish concert, make sure you attend a full concert where you can meet the guys. Princess Pea was a little tearfully sad that they didn’t sing her favorite song, and  Wordgirl was sooo disappointed not to be able to meet Jamie, Jason, and Andy.  
  • Apparently, they blow off a confetti cannon at each concert.  I was NOT prepared for this.  I haven’t screamed like that since high school!  Be prepared!  And don’t forget to bring a piece of the confetti home because that may be the highlight of the show for your little ones!

About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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