St. Anthony Park is a community within St. Paul where you go and immediately feel at home: Even on a frigid blustery gray day at the end of a long week.  It is at one of the bookends of these busy 2 blocks that you find

Please pay no attention to the poor photography.  This picture
was taken in a necessary hurry and therefore, I am lucky to
have a picture at all. 

Peapods prides itself on being an store that offers natural toys and baby care.  It’s focus is on the environment and on your children.  The store was opened on Snelling Avenue in 1999 by Millie Adelsheim.  Two years later, her husband, Dan Marshall, resigned from his job and jumped  with both feet into this adventure.

Since then, they have moved to Como Avenue and expanded their store.  Peapods is now located at 2290 Como Ave.  in St. Paul.

This store is beautiful.  Welcoming, fun colors greet you before you even walk into the door.

When you walk through the door, you are greeted by a delightful display.  One side of the aisle has clothing made of organic fibers and the other side is full of wooden toys and marbles and eco friendly stuffed animals.  Peapods is packed with pretty much any “green” thing that your child could ever want.

I am not exaggerating or being sarcastic.

They have a wide variety of merchandise from which to choose.  

feeding time

blocks, blocks, and more blocks

high priced clothing, but all from organic material

book and music corner:  a highlight for our family

sand toys

  However, the biggest delight to me was in the back of the store.
Peapods is one of the Twin Cities’ best resources of cloth diaper supplies.

Our family used cloth diapers.
We were big advocates of cloth diapers
Did I like it all the time?
Was I proud of it?

If only I had known about Peapods when we had had our babies.  Life would have been entirely easier.
Let me tell you.
Let me show you what they offer.

Rumparoos and Fuzzibu

super bummis whisper wrap

soft bumz


Now, I am not going to go into all the details about cloth diapering–although if there is an interest, I would love to tell my cloth diapering story (pretty much because I am certain that it’s unlike anyone else’s).

Just know that this selection is incredibly amazing.  It’s incomprehensible.  It’s pretty much overload for anyone who wants to start using cloth diapers.

Trust me.

But what Peapods has that many online stores/catalogs don’t have is attentive personal physical service.  While I was there, Dan was in the middle of a discussion with a mom who was trying to decide if this was something she really wanted to pursue.  He answered her questions, gave suggestions, and walked alongside her as she tried to decide what the best first step would be.  It was a fun discussion to join!  I know.  Many of you are probably thinking that I’m crazy, but it really was!

Peapods also offers a cloth diapering class the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings each month.

Oh, how I wish I had known this.  They don’t leave you floundering (as I had been).  They are serious about cloth diapers and they are going to help you because it does matter so much to them.

I must say though, the bright pretty colors can lure anyone into buying anything.  If you are ever going to try the cloth diapering adventure, you must remember that those colors will fade and get stained with poop.  So don’t buy purely on cuteness.  Buy according to reliability and endurance.

Okay, I will come down off my soapbox.


  • The bathroom.  Where would Gianna be without mentioning the bathroom?  This bathroom gets a two thumbs up for several reasons:  It was pretty.  Dash needed to use it and when I wiped his bottom, I didn’t even care that he was touching the floor with both hands flat.  It was located right in the middle of the store.  Dead center. 
  • They are serious about cloth diapering.  They make resources available to you even for your soiled/wet diapers.
  • Their train tables.  They are locally made and absolutely beautiful.  
  • They have a website that is very easily navigated.
  • The parking isn’t the easiest.  There is street parking, and there is a small parking lot behind the block on which Peapods is located.  
  • I did not notice that they carried strollers and other baby gear.  They do have organic mattresses and blankets and diaper bags, but I didn’t notice any heavy duty equipment.
  • They did not offer Nikky’s cloth diaper covers.  This was not their fault as Nikky’s is a Japanese brand that limits its supply to the United States.  Nikky’s are what I used and I loved them.
Peapods promises that it is possible to raise your children very naturally without depriving them or yourself from the conveniences of today’s worlds.  And Peapods delivers on that promise.

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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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