Enchanted Tree House

Today’s adventure takes us to

where the first thing my daughter will tell you is

“It doesn’t have a tree house.”

Enchanted Tree House is a children’s boutique owned and operated by Terry Lauer and Tamara Hillstrom.  They have two locations in the Twin Cities:  Wayzata (been open for 15 months) and White Bear Lake.

For the purpose of my review, I visited the Wayzata location.  It’s a small store with an open floor.  The walls are divided into sections of different apparel, toys, accessories.  Apparel sizes range from birth to size 16 for older children.  Accessories include winter hats and mittens, socks, shoes and boots.  Hair things and nail polish, lotions and jewelry.  Toys range from a big bin of balls to a toy piano and toddler riding toys.

This is the baby toy section.  Don’t be expecting to go their hoping for a huge selection.  At Enchanted Tree House, it’s about quality and not quantity.
Enchanted Tree House partners with an orphanage in Guatemala called El Amor de Patricia (The Love of Patricia).  In the store, there is a section that highlights beautiful Guatemalan culture and products:  bags, hats, toys (like the throwing discs in the middle of this picture, and the beautifully crafted dresses.  If I had little girls, I would have not left that store without.  And this the year that I am not buying any new clothing?  Good for my wallet but not for my soul.  Gorgeous, they were.
The piano was an instant draw for my kids.  For the most part, they were fairly good-natured about it, but after a while, it was time to be done making music. 

They don’t have just have any riding toys.  No, they have a Rolls Royce and an old-fashioned fire truck.  Partner that with an almost life-sized huskie (well, I guess, technically it’s not even close to life size–maybe more fun-sized)and you’ve got some good entertainment.


  • Children are welcome.  They have some of their bigger toys in the front of the store and as soon as you walk in, the kids can see something fun to play with.  Toward the back of the store is a Melissa and Doug table that they had placed spinning musical tops on and a handful of unique pipe cleaners to use to create.  
  • The orphanage is supported with a simple donation jar and some selected items to purchase.
  • Anything you buy in this store is guaranteed to be good quality.  The clothes are beautiful and each piece totally caught my eye.  
  • Even though the store is small, I still felt like I wasn’t able to see everything.
  • The selection is small.  They do have another store in White Bear Lake, and while I was there, I overheard a discussion with a guest who was looking for a particular item.  The owner, who was helping the guest, was making everything happen to get it to him as fast as possible.  So while they have a small selection, technically, it’s doubled (kind of) 
  • It took me forever to find the store.  I should have just gone with my limited knowledge of Wayzata and instinct instead of following Google Maps.  I have since decided that I don’t like Google Maps because it made no sense, I tell you!  No sense.  Enchanted Tree House is located in a exquisite strip mall on Wayzata Blvd just off of Highway 101 and Highway 12.
If you want to have a fun shopping experience, this is the place to come. They take pride in their beautiful store.  And it is beautiful.

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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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  1. Dana says:

    For anyone's information … there is an ETH in White Bear too — I think it's a bit smaller though.

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