Artstart’s Artscraps

On St. Clair Ave. just east of Snelling as you head into a quiet neighborhood, you suddenly see this eye catcher.

Artscraps is an extension of Artstart.  Artstart is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing an art enriched environment for children so they can experience the joy of creating for themselves.  Artstart is very active in the community by hosting and participating in school residencies, classes and workshops, field trips and festivals, parties, and their own art gallery.

Artscraps makes it possible for the entire family to be involved in art together.

Artscraps must be bigger than it seems, but every single square inch is smashed full of supplies.  What kind of supplies, you ask? Well, it’s not called Artscraps for nothing.

 Paper, felt, buttons, pins, stamps,    

stickers, random game pieces, boxes,

envelopes, old greeting cards,

coils, golf balls, yarn, pens, needles, ribbon, lace,

cardboard, feathers, springs, paper shreds, wood,

you name it–it was there. 
There was a small work area tucked away.  The work area itself was just a work area, but the are was beautiful.

Artscraps is definitely not a place you go for the ambience.  You go to get your stuff that you need.  Because most likely, they will have it.  You go to talk to the artists roaming through the crowded aisles.  You go to get an idea for an inkling of an idea for a project.  You go to pick up Artstart’s current edition of their newsletter and book.  You can go there with your kids because the whole premise behind Artstart is to introduce your children to the arts.

While they are banging the metal jar lids together, they are experiencing art.  While they mix the buttons with the clip-on earring backs together, they are experiencing art.  While they carry around a dangerous looking piece of wood that came from who knows where, they are experiencing art.

Not once during all these experiences did anyone stop them.

As always, I liked the bathroom.So here you go!
Artscraps’ bathroom.

And it had good smelling soap to boot!


  • It was very easy to find.  It’s on the end of a residential block surrounded by all kinds of homes.  Only the butcher shop across the street was a business.
  • Despite the overstuffed shelves and tightly packed aisles, there was a definite method to their madness. The sewing supplies were located in one spot and the stamps and paper and cards were all clustered together.  Baskets were in one corner and boxes were all together.  
  • The staff knew their way around the floor without any hesitation and were eager to help!
  • All the supplies are donated from people’s houses and overstocked items.  
  • My absolute favorite part about the store was the realization that I don’t have to keep buckets and buckets of supplies myself.  Artscraps has all the scraps I need.  I don’t have to worry about collecting.  Artscraps is doing that for me!  Oh, what a relief.


  • The aisles are stuffed full.  It’s hard to move around the store easily. 
  • Parking is all street parking
  • It’s impossible to leave Artscraps empty-handed.  With everything being so reasonable priced, you can easily fill up your arms before you are done looking around..

Artstart’s Artscraps is unlike any place you have ever visited.  I highly recommend making a trip there just for the pure joy of discovering an unknown treasure.

Before we could leave, we needed to stop by Artstart’s own Charles Schultz’s Lucy for a quick picture!

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