K5 Learning Review

Sweet Girl is a very smart girl.

She is very bright.  
She caught onto reading so quickly that it wasn’t funny.  As she learned to read, she taught her 4 year old sister to read as well.  I think that strengthened her reading skills even more. 
It was seriously amazing to watch.  
Since she picked up reading so quickly, I never thought anything about the rest of her schooling.  The most important educational thing to learn is to read.  Right? 
Well, it is in Kindergarten.  
In 1st grade, they start learning more things. 
Like Math. 
Now, I want to explain myself.  I am a very firm believer that kids’ ages do not determine what they need to know. 
Some kids are ready to read at age 4.  Some at age 8.  
Sometimes it doesn’t click that quickly and it takes some time and lots of repetition before the light comes on.  That doesn’t mean anything.
With that said, Sweet Girl wasn’t getting her simple math facts.  She could do word problems until pigs flew, but just the simple 4+3=7 was not easy.  She simply guessed.  Her teacher said that she needed to pass a certain level test by January so I needed to work on these simple facts with her. 
What?  She didn’t need to pass the test in January.  She could pass the test whenever she was ready to.  But it was painful to watch her struggle.  She would get so sad and upset that she didn’t know the right answers. 
It was about that time I was offered the opportunity to let Sweet Girl try K5 Learning.  K5 Learning is a beneficial and fun computer tutoring system. Or at least we found it to be.
  1. Tutoring program
  2. Math facts practice 
  3. Spelling practice 
  4. Math and reading assessments 
  5. Personalized help for each client and each student
  6. Preschool curriculum through Grade 5 
What I liked: 
  • Eager help but not too many emails from K5 staff.  They waited for me to respond to their emails before they helped me out.  And they waited for me to initiate conversation. 
  • I liked the math facts tutoring:  it was repetitive, audible, and visible. 
  • The different groups of tutoring possibilities.  I could choose to practice math facts or I could choose to follow their curriculum with a bigger, broader spectrum of math.  
  • They included short computer games after a few lessons. 
  • Sweet Girl logged in with her name, and I as a parent logged in differently behind the scenes to make the necessary changes. 
What was challenging 
  • I had to go in to the settings and manually increase the answering time.  Their automatic setting is 2 seconds. And even when Sweet Girl would get the right answer, it took her a while to find the number on the computer, so it would mark it as unsure.   There was a lot of pressure on getting the answer right correctly.  My goal was for her to get it right. 
  • I wasn’t completely happy with the Math teaching curriculum.  It started with subtraction, and right now Sweet Girl was learning addition.  I couldn’t figure out how to fix that. When I did figure out where to go, I still had a hard time setting it up correctly for her. 
  • Sweet Girl had to do the assessment for reading and honestly, she so didn’t need to do that.  I felt that was a waste of time.  But oh well, at least she was able to feel successful. 
Did it help?
I can tell you that Sweet Girl did GREAT on her January tests! 
I would have been proud of her either way because she is growing into a strong and loving girl. 
Wait, she always was one.  But she’s growing even more.
If you are looking for a tutor, K5 Learning could be the thing for you! 
In the interest of full disclosure I wasn’t compensated for this review except for the 6 week free trial I was given. All the opinions are mine and are honest.  However, if you wanted to sign up for a subscription with K5 Learning, I would love you to mention my name:  Gianna Kordatzky–A Traveling Thought.

Thank you!  


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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