Choo Choo Bob Is Coming To Your House!

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Choo Chooooooo!

Holy Smokestacks!  I think there’s a train a’ coming!

 Right into your living room!

Choo Choo Bob’s is one of our family’s favorite places in all of the Twin Cities.  Just today, out of nowhere, Dash said, “Mama!  I wannagotochoochoobob’s!”

“I’m sorry, buddy, I don’t know what you said.”


Oh, of course!

Soon you won’t have to travel there to get a taste of the experience.

Bob Medcraft, the founder of Choo Choo Bob’s Train Store, first and foremost  is a TV/movie producer dude.  He’s worked on a bunch of things like movies (ever head of Jingle All the Way with Arnold Schwartzenblahbalh?),TV commercials, and music videos.

Music videos for bands like Bare Naked Ladies, Prince,  Incubus, Matchbox 20, and the Foo Fighters.
Oh, yeah, they were just on the Grammy’s.
He’s  famous. Totally!

Bob Medcraft had always wanted a store, so he opened Choo Choo Bob’s Train Store.  He had always wanted have a store, and he had always liked model trains.  He had a train set up in his basement and the son of family friends would come over and called him Choo Choo Bob.

And there you have it, folks.  How Choo Choo Bob got his name!

After Bob opened the store, he produced a TV commercial that was received super well.  So he got the idea of doing a show.  Once a TV man always a TV man.

So he along with Joe Martin and Wilson Webb created a show based on a dude named Choo Choo Bob–imagine that, huh–played by Sam Heyn, and we the viewers are called engineers, invited into his clubhouse.

Think of Choo Choo Bob’s Train Show as a modern goofy Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood or a not quite so eccentric Muppet show.  As a mom, it’s actually fun to sit down and enjoy it with your kids.

Every show has a song or two that is shared with other characters: Engineer Paul (Paul Howe), Engineer Emily (Emily Fradenburgh), Conductor Dave (Dave Tufford), Charlie Rat (Charles Hubbell), and Rich Kornbelt (Rich Kronfeld).

 Sometimes there are guest appearances.  Sometimes there are field trips.  Always you can expect Rich Kornbelt to be something completely off the wall, Conductor Dave and Charlie Rat to argue, Engineer Paul or Engineer Emily to do something new with Choo Choo Bob, and trains, trains, trains.

June 1, 2012, Choo Choo Bob’s Train Show is targeting to launch regionally on network TV. Gotta start small, but even so the region is pretty large including Fargo ND, Sioux Falls SD, Rochester MN, Mankato MN, Lacrosse WI, Eau Claire WI, Duluth, MN, and of course (as it is based here) the Twin Cities.

But did you know that there isn’t just one Choo Choo Bob?  There are two!  
Recently, Bob Medcraft was introduced to Bob Vince who is a professor at the University of Minnesota who is now excitedly investing monetarily into the Choo Choo Bob vision. 

Let us all say:  Thank you, Choo Choo Bob Vince and Choo Choo Bob Medcraft!
Let me hear you! 

Oh, and I need to make an adjustment from my last review of the store.  I said the walls were not painted bright colors.  We were just there (again) and I made it a point to look at the walls.  

They are painted bright colors.  However, the biggest wall is just a creamy tan.  And that was what I noticed most.   There is a blue wall and an orange wall and a yellow wall.  And there are walls that host the birthday party rooms that look like train stations (which I did mention).  I guess if it’s not the full rainbow of colors I do not think they are bright. 

But I was wrong.  They are.
Bright, that is.


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