St. Paul’s Cathedral

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Whether you are Catholic or not, whether you believer there is a God or not, whether you like beautiful art or not, St. Paul’s Cathedral is a spectacular site.
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It’s located on the highest point in St. Paul and as a child, I had a hard time distinguishing between the Cathedral and the Capitol building.  I had to repeat over and over to myself,  “The capitol is white.  The Catholic church is green.  The capitol is white. The Catholic church is green.”  You can tell that I was not raised Catholic.  I am the most ordinary country bumpkin Protestant you will ever know, but it doesn’t really matter since I’m saved by Jesus, right?

Anyway, I remember my parents explaining to me that the Church was green because its dome was copper.  Let me tell you, that made NO sense.  I had a penny in my pocket.  And it was not green.  It should be shining and beautiful.  Not green and gross.

Since my childhood, they  have worked to restore the beauty of this building.  If there is one thing the Catholics do right, it is to appreciate the arts.  And in the case of this beautiful building, they have done just that.  It took over 35 million dollars to restore.  I can’t even fathom that dollar amount.  But if you respect the arts and find artistry and architecture worthy, then you show it by putting your money there.  If you don’t find it important, then your money is not going to be found in that.

Like most Catholic sites, there is history behind St. Paul’s Cathedral.

In 1841 the first log chapel was built in the settlement of Pig’s Eye resembling the stable in Bethelem and named for St. Paul  by Father Lucien Galtier.  He was hoping it would catch on.

It did.

But let’s go back for a moment, shall we?

Pig’s Eye?
What a lovely name!

Where do you want to move to?
Pig’s Eye!
Exactly what I was thinking!

Man, that’s just a lovely name!

Anyway, back to the Cathedral.  After the first chapel was built, three more were erected ending with the current one that was dedicated in 1958.  What I haven’t yet told you was that the site was selected in 1903–55 years earlier!

It took 55 years to build.  Now, that’s dedication!  In those 55 years many things happened:  people died, funding stalled, the beautiful rose stained glass windows were placed.  A  55 year grand affair.  Yet, everyone had to be patient.

So now if someone tells you to hurry up, you can say, “I’m moving faster than if I was building St. Paul’s Cathedral!”

And most assuredly you will be!

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  1. Sandy says:

    I remember visiting The Cathedral with you when you were a little girl. If I remember right, you sidn't enjoy the visit!

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