Travel MN St. Paul’s Colorful History

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 Minnesota’s capital is St. Paul.
While it’s a beautiful little city and I am quite proud to claim St. Paul, it is not all together innocent.

Okay, so it’s totally not. 

I know you would like to know about when  St. Paul was established ( in 1849 as the Town of St. Paul), where it was established (on the banks of the Mississippi river), how it prospered into our capital city (I don’t know the exact story, but I do know that Alexander Ramsey moved from Philadelphia, PA to be the first governor here.  But I got that from Wikipedia so you never can tell how accurate this is).  But I am not going to go into that information.

I want to talk about the men known as

  •  John Dillinger
  • Babyface Nelson
  •  Roger “the Terrible” Touhy
  • Machine Gun Kelly
  • Alvin “Creepy” Karpis
  • The Barker gang

These guys were alive and kicking in St Paul during Prohibition (1920-1933).

I would like to say that I am sure that these men’s names struck terror in the hearts of the citizens of St. Paul, but I’m sorry.  Their names leave a little to be desired.  Today if there was some guy named Creepy, I’m pretty sure I would bust out laughing.  And the name Babyface doesn’t do much for me either.
Yeah, you can tell I’m a 21st century kind of girl AND that I’m not standing in front them with their guns pointed at me.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t laugh at them if that were the case. 

These gangsta men used their guns quite a bit–to rob banks and to kidnap and demand ransom and to yell, “HOLD ‘EM UP”  at trains and mail carriers.  But you know, who wouldn’t use a gun if you went by the name Creepy or Babyface.  I’m guessing that Machine Gun Kelly liked him his machine guns.  If not, dude, you got the wrong name!

And this is all happening in 13 years.  We have so much more to cover regarding the history of St. Paul.  Tune in next week as we learn more about the capitol building or our governors (like Jesse “The Body” Ventura–yeah, that one makes me proud to be a Minnesotan!) or its tradition of higher education or its churches or really just about anything. 

But the goal of this week was to prove that St. Paul has a cool criminal history.
And I think that’s been proved sufficiently!
Don’t you, Babyface?

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