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Not far from Wild Rumpus (actually just down the block and kiddy corner), there is a small shop unlike any I’ve ever been to.  heartfelt is its name. 

Just by stepping into this shop, you are invited to quietly, even reverently, feel.  You are encouraged to take a deep breath and enjoy with wonder.  Lisa MacMartin, the founder, would not ask for anything else.  Because once you take that breath and enjoy the wonder, you will see the magic through the eyes of a child, your child.

The ingredients that fill heartfelt are an array of natural crafting fibers (i.e. wool and beeswax), local artisan pieces, and toys. 

featured local artisan pieces

You will not find Tonka trucks or Barbie dolls at heartfelt.  Instead you will find handcrafted (and as much as possible, USA made) wooden trucks, dolls, dollhouses, costumes. 

small assortment of books: 
children’s books, activity books

part of the wooden toy collections

And oh, the costumes! 

Princess hats, capes, tutus, dresses, wizard hats and capes, knight helmets, wooden swords and daggers.  Everything an imagination may want to play fairytales out in the woods under the trees.

Not only were my children allowed to try on every single thing they wanted to wear, they were shown more!  And Lisa, the Lord bless her, gently followed my children around helping to fasten and unfasten clips,  reach and suggest costumes, and experience their joy.

 Like I mentioned, the store is small, but I still feel like I wasn’t able to see everything.  With chairs placed around the floor of the store and a child-sized work counter and benches, the store welcomes you to sit and enjoy.  The store is full, but it gives you plenty of space to breathe.  I kept saying, “Oh, we are SO coming back here.” 

I loved Lisa’s philosophy of playing and creating with children and I just want to relax and let my children discover.


  • A gigantic treehouse in the far corner of the store.  I was told of this treehouse before I set foot in the store, but I had no idea what to expect.  How exciting to go into a store and be invited to take your shoes of an crawl around in a little “secret” space made just for you.
  • The store is a dog-friendly store!  It welcomes your favorite beasts to join you whether that be your children or your dogs.  They even have dog treats for you to enjoy (although hopefully you won’t enjoy them).
  • Lisa is warm and welcoming to all her customers–be it young or old.  She really does invite you to enjoy your children; not conform them to who you want them to be.  Dash had an accident in the van just as we made it to the store.  A pretty smelly accident.  I was mortified and I was not prepared for him to have an accident.  So I cleaned him up as best as I could before we walked into heartfelt.  I was mortified by his aroma, yet Lisa never once flinched or was disgusted.   She joined him on the floor showing him all the different toys he could play with.
  • The word organic was never used. Even though her store is full of organic material, she used the word natural.  I don’t know if this is intentional or not.  Sometimes I feel the word organic is overused as it’s the current buzz word. It was refreshing to hear the word natural being used referring to things actually from nature itself, and not just a “lifestyle.”


  • The treehouse is not made for very small ones.  JackJack (being 22 months) excitedly rushed up its first small ladder and its second small ladder.  It wasn’t long before we heard a strangled cry and a tumble bump.  I raced over to the tree and ducked into the opening in time to see him fall headfirst down the last small ladder.  Did my mama arms work at bionic speed to save him?  Oh, yes.  Did I catch him in time?  Let’s just say I caught him as his head hit the floor.  The poor little dude has a nice scratch on his eyebrow that’s still very visible several days after our visit!  Needless to say (but I’m going to say it anyway), JackJack was not tempted to go into the tree house for the rest of our visit! 
  • Small marbles fit in small holes, and I am postive that my boys put numerous marbles down the hole in the floor.  I didn’t have to figure out how many they did this with.  Lisa did not ask me to cover that cost.  It was more an embarrassing realization that my boys were popping marbles into an unknown place under her store. 
  • A toddler is at a height where he can reach the toys with his fingertips, but most of them are too heavy for him to hold.  Trucks and cargo came crashing down off the tabletops more than once.  In conclusion, heartfelt is not best designed for toddler boys.  They are welcomed, but they will not enjoy themselves as much as a 3 year old or older.

 Currently, heartfelt focuses on its crafting classes (for preschoolers through adults) and birthday party options.  While they have beautiful things to purchase in store, the emphasis is the worktables and benches around the store used for hands on projects.
In which, Lisa invited us to experience impromptu.

But that’s a story for a different time.

Let’s just say that this face says what we thought of heartfelt, to a T.

Our friends at Kiddywampus suggested we explore heartfelt and we are so glad they did.

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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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  1. your reviews ALMOST make me want to have more children just so I can go out and search places like you find. ALMOST!!! ;o)

  2. Oh, I wish we had a place like that!!


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