Travel Minnesota: The Mississippi River

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The history of the Mississippi River?
Well, it was on the 3rd day when God said, “Let the dry land be separate from the water.” 
And the Mississippi River was born. 

And there you have it!

The history of the Mississippi River.

What?  You want more?

Oh, well, since you insist.

The Mississippi River is the longest river in North America. It begins in our humble little state of Minnesota and travels over 2500 miles (the exact mileage is in constant debate according to Twin Cities Tours). Whatever the exact mileage is, it’s one long river!  Of that you can be sure.

The Mississippi River was named by the Ojibwe Indians.  They called it messippi meaning Big Water and Mee-zee-see-bee which means Father of Waters.  So you can see how Mississippi came from that.
If you are having trouble deciphering how it came to be, contact me and I would love to explain it more in depth.

At it’s headwaters–Lake Itasca–it is 20 to 30 feet across and shallow enough to wade across.  Then, about 300 miles farther south, Lake Pepin–a section of the river that forms a natural dam to create a lake–is two miles across.  I find that fascinating!  It took less than 5 hours (of driving time) for the Mississippi to go from 20 feet to over 10,000 feet. Is that not cool?

  There is only one waterfall present in the entire length of the Mississippi River.  And that waterfall happens to be in Minneapolis!  St. Anthony Falls is the name of these beautiful falls.  I don’t know who they are named for.  Around the Twin Cities there are a lot of areas with that name:  St. Anthony Falls, St. Anthony Village, St. Anthony Main, St. Anthony Park.

Interesting, is it not?  Apparently, in the Twin Cities, we love him.

There are 29 locks throughout the length of the Mississippi.
Why?  If there is only one waterfall, why do you need locks and dams?
I don’t get it.  Can an engineer explain the need and the use of dams on a river for me?  Apparently, my rudimentary knowledge is lacking. 

The Mississippi River is an integral part of Minnesota history.  It’s been used for transportation and power.  It’s been enjoyed for its beauty and for its recreation opportunities. 

There is so much to know about the Mississippi River in Minnesota that I was not able to  include it all, but you can go here or here to learn more! 

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