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Photographic Memories

I love to scrapbook.  I have told you that before.  This is nothing new. When digital books first came out, I vowed that I would always use paper and adhesive and real printed photos.  I also vowed that I would … Continue reading

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Affliate Links and Wordless Posts

Affliate Links are one way you make money on your blog. I’m still trying to figure them out. Some of them have policies that I don’t understand. Some of them give you credit and not actual cash. Some pay per … Continue reading

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The Miracle of Scheduling

Every family has a rhythm and every family must decide for themselves what is important. What is important to me? Besides financial stability A full night of sleep Time exercising Time spent with God in prayer and in the Bible … Continue reading

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Saving a buck.  Everywhere I look these days, I feel like that is a common theme.  Let’s face it, most of us need to save a buck.  I was introduced to a creative and alternative way to do this. In one … Continue reading

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Organizing My Basement Interruption

Guess what we have. Again. AUGH! I was so sure last week that it wasn’t a problem anymore, but apparently, I was wrong! Oh yes. I’m sure you’ve already guess. If you haven’t, let me give you a hint. “They’re … Continue reading

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A Traveling Thought Promise

I am just getting my feet wet in this whole blog-making-money thing. As you can probably see, I have ad banners and such up and around.  As of right now, I’m still testing things out.  I’ve posted a blog entry … Continue reading

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Joyful in 5 minutes

Sometimes at our house, we call our cranky kids Mr. Crankypants or McCrankpots. Mama becomes cranky McCrankpots, too. But there’s so much to be thankful for and to tap into the joy filling our hearts. Sometimes we just need to … Continue reading

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