The Miracle of Scheduling

Every family has a rhythm and every family must decide for themselves what is important.

What is important to me? Besides financial stability

  1. A full night of sleep
  2. Time exercising
  3. Time spent with God in prayer and in the Bible
  4. Time with my children and husband
  5. Writing
  6. Maintaining an organized Home (Not so good at that one yet)
  7. Enjoying the life God has blessed me with 

I have learned that if number 1 through number 6 are not fulfilled, I can’t reach number 7.  Isn’t that crazy how that works?

One of my mentors, who we will call Nancy since that is her name, encouraged me to look at scheduling my days.  I thought I was already doing this.  And in all fairness, I was.  She gave me a book that really encouraged me to stick to a very regimented schedule.  And already in the small steps that I have implemented, I can see a vast improvement in how our house is running!

Let me share with you the first 2 hours of our morning.

I start the day the night before by making sure that I’m in bed with my light turned off at 10:45 and no later.  It makes a huge difference going to bed before midnight.  I have also determined that I do not have to get up before 6:00 am (which is impossible for me unless we are going to DisneyWorld or something).  I schedule one hour for time by myself exercising and with the Lord before the kids get up and then it’s 7:00.

At 7:00 am sharp, I get all the kids up!

This alone has changed our home life.
No one has to be quiet because someone is still sleeping.  7:00am  is Wake Up.  You can wake up slowly or you can GET UP, but no one has to tiptoe around. 

7:00-7:30 is designated for Morning Chores.  Morning Chores include getting dressed, brushing hair, teeth, putting pajamas away, and making beds.  This all has to be done before breakfast.

7:30 am is breakfast.  This gives Wordgirl plenty of time to eat before she gets on the bus. I start a load of laundry at this point and get dressed myself.

7:50 am Wordgirl puts together her backpack

8:00 am Wordgirl goes to the bus stop.  And the schedule continues at home.

The schedule becomes a bit more complicated at this point because we haven’t gotten everything solidified yet and each day looks a little bit different. 

I encourage everyone no matter the age of your kids or your personality type to try a schedule for 1 week. You will notice a difference.  It will not necessarily be the same schedule as ours, but like I said before, every family is unique.

Stay tuned for the next installment of The Miracle of Scheduling.

About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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2 Responses to The Miracle of Scheduling

  1. Ahhhh. Glad you're finding some peace in your days!
    I'm finding a key for peace in this house is to have certain things taken care of before bedtime. Like – tomorrow's lunch, packed backpacks, clean clothes, and located shoes. Those things make every morning a lot more peaceful! *wink*

  2. Sandy says:

    So, what's the name of the book?

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