Hurting People Seen With Open Eyes

There are those of us who are so engaged in our own lives we forget to see those around us.  We get so ticked off when someone gets in our way and causes us to be late, we forget that that person is a person

I am such a person.

I find myself yelling at the car in front of me.  A lot.  Especially when we are in a turn lane.

Me:  It’s green.  It’s GREEN!  It’s GREEN!

Car does not move.

Me:  Go! Go! Go!

Driver takes foot off the brake.

Me: You gotta go faster!  You gotta stay right behind the car in front of you!  Let’s GO! 

Car makes it through the yellow light leaving me to fume at the red light.

And fume I do.  Muttering and sputtering.

I need to remember that the driver may have had a good reason to not go as fast as I would have liked. 

Maybe their car stalled.

Maybe their child was crying and needed something.

Maybe they just got a bee sting.

Who knows. 

Either way I need to open my eyes and see people through God’s eyes, not Gianna eyes.

This includes members even of my own family.  They can be overlooked in an attempt to do life.

For example:

On the first Friday of school, Wordgirl came home from school.  Dash ran out to give her a hug and Princess Pea followed right behind him.  Wordgirl took their hugs and continued shuffling to our front door.

Fortunately, my aunt was at our house.  If she had not been, I would not have even noticed Wordgirl’s blueness.

Lis:  Oh.  What’s wrong?

Me:  Huh, I don’t know! 

All it took was another person’s perspective, and I was able to sit down with Wordgirl as she cried telling me all about her day. 

If Lis hadn’t been there, I would have completely ignored Wordgirl and carried on with life. And then when Wordgirl needed to talk, it would have been an inconvienence.

Lis’s observation reminded me to open my eyes. 

Take a moment and really look at someone. 

Even if it means you are staring at them for a whole minute.

And they think you are a freak.

(please don’t go doing this to children.  You may frighten them and cause someone to call the cops–and do you really want to deal with that?  Discernment, people, please!)

I would like to publicly give a ShoutOut to my new friend Pam Olsen of A Busy Woman’s Guide to Surviving Motherhood.  She has been instrumental in helping me navigate through this world call freelancing.  She has personally taken much time out of her busy day (she has 3 boys and a new little 3 month old girl) to answer my questions and give me a hand up!  She is awesome!  And every email I send to her I try  to refrain from repeating that phrase multiple times because I don’t want to sound insincere, but she is! 
Not too long ago, I thought that in this freelance writing thing, it was every man for himself.  But recently, I have discovered that unless we can build support with each other, ain’t no one going nowhere! 
So thanks Pam!  And I hope one day to be able to be as helpful to someone as you have been (and will continue to be) for me.  And that maybe I can repay you!
Check her out!  Her blog is quite fun with LOTS (and I do mean LOTS) of giveaways!

About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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2 Responses to Hurting People Seen With Open Eyes

  1. Amazing post Gianna! Thank you so much for the reminder because I, too am guilty of this when things get busy around here – which is basically all the time! I will remember your words as often as I can. And OMG thanks so much for the kind words and most importantly your pledge to “Pay it forward” as that's all I ask of you friend. I can wait to see where blogging takes you!

  2. Heather says:

    What great insight Gianna. I sometimes get so busy that I forget to pay attention to the needs or feelings of my kiddos. And you are so right, they may just need a quick hug, a cry, or just to talk it out.
    Thanks for the reminder!

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