Sleeping Transitions

image courtesy steveharrison

Transition Number 1
Moved Princess Pea to be in JackJack’s room.

Transition Number 2
Moved Dash to the top bunk and kept Wordgirl on the bottom bunk

Transition Number 1
Went swimmingly

Transition Number 2
Not so smoothly as Dash wedged his legs through the openings between the bed and the guardrail and dangled them until he kicked over the nightlight ultimately breaking it. 

Transition Number 3
Dash was firmly put on the bottom bunk.

Transition Number 4
Begins tomorrow:  Chris will be working overnights for 5 weeks.  On paper, this shouldn’t be that difficult.  In reality, this is going to STINK! 
First of all, he will be coming home when I am getting up.  This summer has been great for my getting up.  I let the radio play for a 1/2 hour before I actually drag myself out of bed.  I don’t hit snooze. I don’t groan. I don’t even dread the morning. 

It has been fantastic.  I have adored it!

But now all of that deliciousness is changing.  As he is getting into bed, Chris will not want my radio playing incessently for a 1/2 hour.  Chris will come home and crash, and I will have to turn off my radio and drag myself out of bed.

Oh, I am so dreading this.

Secondly, Chris will be sleeping during the day.  In our house.  That is smashed full of 4 children who are quite young. 

Luckily on his side is the loudest air conditioner known to man.  There will be so much white noise the children will need to scream at the top of their lungs for him to even hear a peep.  And I’m really not exaggerating.

Okay, maybe I am.  But just a teeny tiny little bit.

Finally, Chris will be sleeping during quiet time.  Our house is small.  Right now, we have access to 5 rooms including the bathroom (which — there’s a positive I guess).  These rooms include: 2 children’s bedrooms, a kitchen/dining room, a bathroom, and our room.

Count them.

 If I need to divide the children during quiet time, where are they going to go?  The bathroom?

That’s a great idea.

And even then, there is still somone who doesn’t have a spot.

And the whole point of quiet time is that everyone is quiet/resting/away from Mommy!  If I am going to be somewhat kind to my children, they need to leave me alone!

Was that not a oxy-moronic thing to say or what?

But all you moms out there KNOW what I’m talking about!

But that is neither here nor there.

This quiet time began with a bribe:  have a great quiet time:  Dairy Queen.  Have a bad quiet time:  No Dairy Queen.

Dash=bad quiet time.  Girls=good quiet time.

What is a mom to do?

About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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1 Response to Sleeping Transitions

  1. Oh, yes. I KNOW what you mean. *wink*
    I hope this transition goes well for you.
    BTW, you have made me extremely jealous with the thought of listening to the radio for half an hour before getting out of bed. That just isn't right! :oP

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