The Fingerprints of God

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I’ve never been to Africa.    I can’t imagine it.  Oh, sure.  I’ve seen Gorillas in the Mist and The Ghost and the Darkness and Blood Diamond (most of it anyway.  I had to cover my eyes for part of it).  But it’s so far outside my comprehension. 

I know it’s a country full of turmoil (that I don’t understand).  I know that it is undeveloped (that I can’t comprehend).  I know it has a lot of HIV babies and adults (that scares me to death). 

But I also know this.  Each person in Africa is significant to and loved by YHWH.  Each person in Africa has a purpose in this world.  Each person in Africa deserves every opportunity in life they can have.  God hears their prayers.  God answers their prayers.  God wants to have a relationship with them.

There is hope. 

Hope can grow readily in a child’s heart.  And our family wants to give that hope away to as many kids as we can.  With our superstars, we like to participate in Operation: Christmas Child.  We pray for the children who are going to get the shoeboxes we pack (this year we gave them names: Maria and Chela.  I wanted to stop calling them “The little girl who is going to get your box”) and we lovingly pack them and deliver them to the truck.

Lately, our family has been discussing sponsoring a child through Global Fingerprints.  This organization is a part of our church denomination’s global outreach and helps orphans in Africa, specifically the Congo.  We have watched the video about this ministry and Wordgirl wants to help the “little boy who broke his leg.”  We are still trying to explain that she would be helping a different child, but that fact hasn’t sunk in yet.

As we make this decision as a family (because if we are going to do this, every capable person — including Wordgirl — will be working to raise money each month to pay for this child), I challenge you to check out Global Fingerprints to see what you (or your whole family) can do for an orphan/s in the Congo.

helping others Pictures, Images and Photos


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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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2 Responses to The Fingerprints of God

  1. librariane says:

    We've got two through Compassion–though one is technically for the youth group. 😉

    You should put out a jar with the child's picture (or something) for anyone who visits to dump in their spare change.

  2. ~natalie says:

    it's a great idea! we have a little guy through kids alive and mia and asher love to write to him, pick out stickers and other little fun things and to get letters back from him. it's been a great way for us to talk about how blessed they are and how God wants us to take care of other people. mia wanted to know if i was going to visit him when i went to africa. =) she has decided that we need to go and see him sometime soon. it's totally worth it!

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