When Princess Pea was about 18 months, she wandered after a ball into the road.   I was inside the house when I heard Chris frantically scream her name.  I looked out our front window only to see this little towheaded sprig of a thing  trotting out into the street oblivious to anything but the ball. 

My heart sank, and I froze.  All I could think was, “we gotta save her,” but I couldn’t move.  I finally decided that I needed to get outside, so I ran out the back door just as Chris whizzed by me, FLYING down the driveway on his bare feet.  He made it to Princess Pea and the road in 2.17 seconds where he scooped her up in his arms and pulled her to safety just as a truck was coming up the road.

I met them in the driveway as Chris was carrying her and exclaiming to her about how scared he was.  My heart was pounded, and I was still speechless.  I  took her from her daddy and into the house where I just held her.

I’m so glad that Chris was on top of that situation.  If he hadn’t been, Princess Pea would have been hit.  He was her rescuer, and nothing would get in his way in his way to save his little girl.

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photo by xxjnyxx

Rescuing someone from spiritual disaster should be that intense.  Chris could have cared less if anyone heard him call her name. It didn’t matter to him if anyone thought he looked like an idiot.  If he was injured running as fast as he did with bare feet, that was not important. Chris bolted to his little girl and SAVED her. Princess Pea was a bit annoyed that her fun was taken away from her, but she was ALIVE!  That’s what mattered.

What is my response to rescuing someone from spiritually dying?  Do I go to extreme measures like Chris–running at full speed without my shoes screaming her name?  Or do I freeze out of fear–my heart beating wildly and my mouth going dry? 

I know what I want to do.


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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6 Responses to Rescued

  1. I think this way about my little sisters a lot! A couple of them are seriously struggling and I know, I KNOW what I want to do, but I do freeze up!

  2. librariane says:

    Part of the problem is it's harder to see the danger of eternal hell. That's what makes me freeze, along with many folks in the U.S. already knowing the basics of God.

    We all need to pray to have God's heart for people. If we truly care, then we won't freeze quite so often.

  3. I have people in my life that I pray for daily to finally be open to hear the Truth. One in particular, he is depressed and suicidal, and every time he texts me or calls me and states he is in a funk, I give him a Bible verse and encouraging words. When he tells me that we're all alone, I tell him to just wait and see.

    We must keep the faith that they will soon turn their lives to Jesus and keep being the example, someone they can turn to.

    SOOOO happy your baby girl was ok!! How scarey that must have been.

  4. ~natalie says:

    what a great post girl and a great analogy. it puts things in a whole new perspective doesn't it, when you think of it like that?? love it! now i want to live it. =)

  5. gianna says:

    L- I think you hit it on the head. We don't SEE the terrible danger that people are heading so we don't worry about it. As much as it is real, we don't physically see it, so we don't think about it as real!

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