My Name

  I was born as Gianna Rae French (then I was married and I became a Kordatzky).

I have ALWAYS loved my name.
Well, actually, when I was in my awkward stages of junior high, I hated that I didn’t have a nickname.  However, when I look back on it, none of my friends did either, so I don’t know what my problem was.

So for the most part, I have LOVED my name.  I am named for my Great Grandma Anna Hayden.  My family has land in Northen Wisconsin and in the middle of the land is a lake:  Hayden Lake.  I love this lake because the lake and I share our name’s heritage.

So if I’m named after Great Grandma Anna, why isn’t my name Anna? My mom and dad wanted me to have the same initials as my dad and his name is George.  So they just stuck a G at the beginning.  So you pronounce my name like “Gee, Anna, you’re cute!”  Anna, not Ahna. 

In 2009, Gianna has since been placed on the top 100 most popular names list.  But back then it wasn’t known at all.  And in a way, my parents made it up (not knowing that it was a very Italian name–if you pronounce it with the deeper A sound).

And now  I do have a nickname.  I am simply called G.  Love it!

When it comes to my middle name, I like to say that it’s my Grandma’s middle name (Mae) and my Grandpa’s middle name (Ray) put together.  I asked my mom about it, and she said, “We just liked it.  It didn’t have anything to do with Grandma and Grandpa.”

Oh, I’m so hopelessly sentimental.

I am joining Janna at Mommy’s Piggy Tales in writing stories from my childhood for myself and my legacy (also known as the Superstars).


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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13 Responses to My Name

  1. Hi Gi-Anna (G)! I've been wondering how to pronounce it! Great story. My mom chose a name she thought couldn't be shortened: Suzanne, and guess what, I became Suzie! It wasn't until I moved away at 18 that I could go back to Suzanne, which I too, love. I'd love to hear how the piggy tailing goes. I'm tempted to do it too! Keep me inspired by sharing!

  2. Ginny Marie says:

    What a great history behind your name! And it's very cool that there's a lake in Wisconsin with your family name!

  3. so awesome that you're name after your Grandmother. :o)

    I LOVE your name BTW…. And I'm happy to say, I've been pronouncing it right this whole time. :o)

    My name is boring, not named after anyone, my dad just wanted me to have the same initials as my older brother.

  4. Laura says:

    My middle name is Mae and my sister's (Rachel) nickname is Rae Rae! We always called her Rae for short. No wonder I love you so much! I was also named after both of my grandmothers, Laura and Mae.

  5. Love your tale of your name…that is just great!!!
    Enjoyed and looking forward to following you through this journey of recording our stories,

  6. Olivia says:

    I love your name too! Growing up with a unique name changes a person don't you think? I'm another one that didn't know anyone else with my name when I was little, but now there are hundreds of little Olivias running around. : )
    And I love the nickname too.

  7. I always wanted a nickname, too, but hated the ones I was given. Glad you like yours! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Candace says:

    What a great tale that got your to your name! 🙂 People always tried to give me a nickname and turn Candace into “Candy”, but I refused to let them call me that.

    However, though I wouldn't budge on the “Candy” front, after an entire summer in the 80s of watching “Dirty Dancing” with my sister I INSISTED that everyone call me “Baby”, haha, oh the mind of a child!

  9. Janna says:

    Well that makes 2 of us b/c I love your name too.

    The list says there are 9 entries I think b/c I had to delete one for a lady who entered hers incorrectly. The same thing happened in group one.

  10. Gee, Anna, you ARE cute! *grin*

    And we received an adorable birth announcement in the mail yesterday. Thanks!

    Love you,
    a.k.a. I don't have a nickname.

  11. Ok. I am tired. And I thought at first you said that you were actually named Anna and when people saw you as a baby, they said, “Gee, Anna. You are cute!” and from heretohenceforth you were named Gianna.
    I know.
    I am going to get a second cup of coffee pronto.

  12. Amanda says:

    I love your name too! Its is BEAUTIFUL!


  13. Yes, there's a story behind 1111. You can read about it here:
    Actually, there's more to it – and if you click on the 1111 link on my post, you'll get all of them.

    Love you!

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