For the birds (or I’m not going crazy)

Seriously?  I really don’t think he could get much cuter!  Man, he’s cute!  Dash and I were at the dining room table when I looked over at the swing and saw him.  I had to stop EVERYTHING and take his picture–like 12 times!

Yesterday, I came home from church and had 2 sleeping children in the van and some clothes to take down from the clothesline (I love that about summer–hanging clothes on the line!), so let’s just say there was a lot to take into the house.

I took Dash into the house and put him to bed.
I took Princess Pea into the house and put her to bed.
I took Fourdatzky out of the van and set him in the shade so that I could take the clothes off the line.

(Wordgirl had helped herself out of the van and was in the house or in the yard.  I don’t know.  When they turn 5, you start to lose track of them!)

Everything was going along smoothly.

Until I had to leave that evening to go to a couponing seminar (which I was super excited for, by the way).  I put Fourdatzky in the van and started to look for my keys.  I have had the habit of losing my keys and so now I ALWAYS put them away on their hook right away.  Well, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but if they aren’t there, then I go into panic mode.

They weren’t on their hook.

I looked all over the van.  I looked all over the house.  I looked on the washing machine and dryer.  I looked all over the nooks and crannies I passed during the day.

I prayed and looked in those same spots again.

They were gone. 

I asked Chris if I could use his and then, we had to find his.  But luckily we did (after another 5 minute search!).

When I came home from the seminar (which was FANTASTIC, I must say), I looked again EVERYWHERE!  I even looked through the clothes in the washing machine as I was switching them to the dryer (Undies and socks use the dryer as well as towels and sheets!). And prayed.


Where could they go? I walked through my entire afternoon at home.  Chris helped me search the van again!  This was getting crazy! It was on my mind all night long.  Fourdatzky woke me up plenty during the night and every time I was awakened, I prayed for my lost keys. I could not figure out where they were!

This morning, I was in my bedroom (still in my pajamas) reading my Bible, when I heard a  man’s voice that was not my husband’s.  Then, I heard my husband.  And then, the man who was not my husband.  And then, my husband.

You get the picture. 

When I came downstairs, Wordgirl told me that they had my keys (well, technically, it’s one key.  A really really big key).  There they were just sitting on the table.

I asked Chris what had happened.,  And he said that a man riding his bike found them on the road and brought them up to our house. 

Cool.  2 reasons:  He saw the key from his bike on the road.  And he stopped to give it back to someone even searching that someone out!  Sure it was right in front of our house, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was ours.  (“lucky” for him, it was our house!)

I have no idea how it got out there.  I wasn’t out by the road at all during the day.  And it had to have happened after we got home from church since I was DRIVING the van to and from church!

With all that said, I’m so glad that I prayed for the key.  Now, I don’t believe that my keys were found because I prayed.  I think that God is a loving God who would have given my keys back  to us if I had prayed for them or not.

But you know what I believe happened as I was praying for my keys? God let me be involved.  We got to build our relationship a little closer.

And I was not going crazy!  They really were missing.  It wasn’t me!  (well, I guess technically, I must have dropped them somewhere, but you know what I mean.)

And now for some more cuteness!

This is one of my favorites.  I am sad that it’s blurry.

I’m not sure if he’s sly or fantastically good lookin’!


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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8 Responses to For the birds (or I’m not going crazy)

  1. He is fantasically good looking. *grin*

    This story reminds me of when I lost my engagement ring. It was missing for a few days. Ultimately my mom's cleaning ladies found it underneath the couch.
    But that's where it was, and I was sooooo glad when they found it!

  2. librariane says:

    Lookit that manly chin! The outfit he's wearing makes the hat even more funny.

    As for praying for keys, I know a lot of people that have prayed for lost keys and then found them in strange circumstances (e.g. in a ball pit at a Chuck E. Cheese type place). I think it also makes you realize you need to rely on God for the little things, too. He likes all kinds of prayer!

  3. Arletta Rue says:

    wow,, yes God does take care of us in amazing ways… Love the Pictures.

  4. Dana says:

    Yes … that blurry shot is really cute! That seems to happen to me a lot too … the blurry one would be best if it weren't blurry 😉 I have a hard time with the keys, cell phone, wallet, you name it!

  5. Taylor says:

    Oh, he is too cute! Great story about the keys!

  6. how cute is he in that hat??? oh my goodness!! super duper precious!!

    so glad you found your keys… i love, love when we are reminded that God does indeed care about the little (in the scope of the universe) things that are so big in our world.

  7. Jess says:

    12 times? You only took his photo 12 times?

  8. Sal B says:

    Gianna, he is absolutely adorable. I wouldn't be able to STOP taking pictures of that sweet face 🙂

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