sweet innocence

I took Wordgirl to her 5 year check up and she had to get shots.
I decided that the best thing I could do was let her know that she was going to get some shots.
Now, I know there are different opinions out there about vaccines.
As of right now, I am not in the mood to defend my position, but we have decided to vaccinate our children.
Our favorite nurse roomed us and as soon as we were in the room, Wordgirl said, “I’m a little nervous about the shots.”
She is so polite and good with her words.
 Rachel our nurse asked the standard questions:  “city water? recent illnesses?  any allergies?  any guns in the house?”
To the last question, I was given a quizzical look from Wordgirl, “What are guns?”
We don’t have any guns in the house because Chris doesn’t hunt, but we aren’t opposed to them.
Does she honestly not know what a gun is?
And if she really doesn’t know, how in the WORLD do you explain the definition of a gun?
“ummm, well, they are these metal tubes with a switch that shoot our little metal pieces that go through a body and the idea is for them to kill something.”
What would YOU say?

Oh, and the shots went okay.  All day I was feeling a little bit sad that she was going to get them and then, she did and it was traumatic, but she was a GREAT girl and got through it!  Tears shed by her and ALMOST by me.  But let me tell you!  She got a LOT of prizes for going through that!


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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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4 Responses to sweet innocence

  1. ha ha.. our oldest is a boy and we have quite a few toy guns in the house. One day the girls were having a playdate with some other girls and the other girl looked at the toy gun and wondered what in the world it was for. It does sound so odd when you try to explain it.

    My son has learned that after his birthday he almost always has a dr appt with shots… he's not a huge fan, but it is a fact of life they all deal with pretty well.

    Glad she went through it ok!

  2. Janna says:

    My friend just got asked that same question by her daughter.

    It irritates me though that the dr's office asks. it seems too nosy to me.

    I know I feel like I'm betraying my daughter when she gets shots.

    The vaccine issue is a tough one.

  3. Megan says:

    Now that we have Noah, we have princess wands turned into pretend swords – fantastic, huh?! He uses his cardboard shield, his princess wand/sword and pretends to be riding his “battle steed”. If it gets a broken leg it is a “limpy battle steed”. Funny kid. Sometimes he has to apologize for scaring the princesses here instead of protecting them. The nature of boy.

    Way to go WordGirl! Way to go Mom for making it through the day!

  4. Karin says:

    When William had his 5-yr check-up he asked before we went if he was going to get shots. I felt that I couldn't outright lie to him and say 'no.' So I said, 'yes, honey but you need them to go to kindergarten.' Tom came with and our nurse was great as usual. He got to have lunch at McDs and maybe even got some sort of toy out of the visit. Now he asks anytime we go to the doctor if there are going to be shots involved. Especially when it's Bennett's appointment. At his 6-yr he needed a flu vaccine and was given the nose spray. He thought that was way better than a shot in the leg!

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