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Because I LOVE you!

Chris has these cool cousins who have children the same age as ours (literally the biggest age span between our children is 8 weeks). I’ve told you about them before, Pete and Natalie. We LOVE them. When we went to … Continue reading

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Decidedly Happy Blogger

Not long ago, a new blogger friend, Janna, posted about the difference between being small and connected or big and anonymous.It was kind of funny because just days before she posted about this, I was thinking to myself, “How in … Continue reading

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My Secret 15 Minutes of Fame

I feel famous. I really shouldn’t feel famous. There is no reason for me to feel famous. Nevertheless, I feel famous. This morning, just after 7:00 am (I was still in my pajamas), I heard voices in our yard. I … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek of my Life at Work

Can you believe I’ve been at my job working for 9 years? Andy,You know how I’ve been working on those labels in Access?I thought I was doing so well until Christine told me that she needed to figure out how … Continue reading

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I’ll tell you a story of a man named Jed

Jed, is a swimming instructor totwo littlesuper girls. Presenting Princess Pea… And yours truly, Wordgirl. Swimming lessons for Wordgirl= learning not to be afraid of water. Swimming lessons for Princess Pea=learning to be a little afraid of water.

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6 weeks ago, I had a problem. This problem had to do with childcare.I HATE looking for CHILDCARE.Since Wordgirl has been born, I have worked.I got to be a work at home mom when Wordgirl was born.When Princess Pea was … Continue reading

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as big as your face

This is not an exaggeration!It really is THAT big!

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