really nice…….

mostly in my view of politically stuff, i am very conservative. i believe it’s OKAY to make a profit (for some people to be rich and others to be poorer), and i believe the government should NOT say it’s okay to kill babies or trivialize people’s right to life be it young OR old.

being that i’m so conservative, you might think it’s odd that my family uses programs like wic and minnesota medical assistance.

this is my opinion; i’ve paid my taxes and i AM paying my taxes. if there is a program out there that can help me and i’ve paid for it already, i am going to use it. whether i use it or not, the government is going to take my money and this way at least, for once, i get to reuse the money i’ve already paid in.

you may disagree and ultimately, i wish our finances were different, but they are not and this way my superstars have milk to drink and eggs and bread and cereal to eat, if nothing else.

we aren’t destitute, BUT our limited income is stretched (especially now with a car payment–which if you remember i didn’t want to have in the first place AND we tried as hard as we could to make it as small as we could!)

we are trying to be good stewarts of our money. we want to honor Jesus and we don’t want to frivolously throw our money around at nonessentials like too much pop and chips and candy and ice cream, etc. but it’s nice to be able to have a small source of our essential food be provided for.

with all that said, i had a humbling incident happen this morning.

at 6:00 this morning (i had been up to long enough to have gone to the bathroom and put my hat and jacket on), i went to the grocery store to pick up mybread, eggs, cheese, and orange juice with my wic voucher.

when i got to the checkout, jimmy t (that’s what the meat man called him) asked me why i was up so early. he sneered a little at my voucher, looked at my juice, and said, “does this juice work? i thought it had to be like juicy juice.

i briefly told him that they had made some major changes (through my non-brushed teeth–i wasn’t standing that close to him. lucky him) and that juice worked.
he just shook his head and said with the state in deficit, you would think they would cut out some things. “if i was in charge, i would take my red pen and cut out a lot of unnecessary items.”
i didn’t have anything to say. i had been up for a total of 22 minutes now.
but it didn’t end there. oh, no.
after he rang me up, he went to bag my groceries, which they do at ours (because of a nursing home that is right next door), and i told him i could do it. he asked me if i was sure and after saying that, his meat man buddy said, “he’s a really good bagger.”
to which jimmy t said, “yeah, you should see me on the street corner.”
WHAT!?! are you serious? rude! get me out of the store and i do NOT want to come back.
when we first started using the program, i was mortified that i was dependant on it. i looked for the shortest line and prayed that NO one would come in line behind me.
now with a few years and kids under my belt, it’s not quite so mortifying, but still!
have you ever heard of human dignity?
let me tell you. no matter what you believe about the government and people taking advantage of the programs, it is NOT the problem of the person who is using the program. if you feel like you are having your money stolen, it’s not the mama’s fault in front of you who is making POOR choices on how to use her food stamps. she should have a mentor or a guide on how to take care of her family, but SHE’s not taking the money from you!
jimmy t was completely inappropriate and insulting and hurtful. my day STUNK all day because i felt like a 2nd class person.
i felt like i had no worth.
i’m SO glad that it was ME who was insulted instead of someone else who is struggling and unhappy and more senstive than me (i’m not say that i have a thick skin; i’m just saying i’m glad it wasn’t someone else). i called the store to get the name of the manager (store director) and i am going to write a letter of complaint.
the lesson that i relearned, however, is that EVERYONE has worth no matter if i like them or not or agree with them or not. and i need to treat them as men and women of worth.
augh! i’ll let you know how the letter goes!

About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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17 Responses to really nice…….

  1. That's just it. Each and every person on this earth was created and is loved by Almighty God.
    And so we shoud treat them as such.
    I'm sorry you were treated this way, but like you say – it's good you are grounded in Christ and know your real worth.
    He created you, and He loves you!

  2. Amanda says:

    You are right gianna. And I am so sorry that someone felt that they had the right to treat you with less respect then you deserve. So sorry. You are a precious princess of the King. You are a forgiven and loved servant. You are a faithful wife, mother, and friend.

    My heart is with you!


  3. I guess my buddhist teachings say that most people do most things because of ignorance. That person was rude to you and he should know how it made you feel and hopefully the manager will discipline him. Then he might learn something. I would say government programs meant to help people are generally good, it's just they have been abused by many who feel that they can get away with it.

  4. librariane says:

    I agree with CM's statement: a few have ruined the program's true worth. This happens with a lot of things, unfortunately.

    Something that was enlightening to me about 'living on the system' was sometimes that's easier than trying to find a job. It doesn't make it right, but how motivated would you be if the government was paying for your housing and some of your food? And if you *were* to get a job, you would lose that housing and food because you'd be 'making too much money'?

    I really look forward to the New Earth where we won't have to worry about any of this!

  5. I am so sorry your day started off so poorly. You were treated truly awfully!

  6. may b says:

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  7. I would like to respond to May B. Our democratic government, in an ideal world, is made up of citizens who represent their geographic areas. The government is you, unless you don't participate in “the government” because of some notion that the government is “them”, which you appear to have. Every one should have access to clothing, shelter, food, and medical care, (I also believe internet access) do you agree? If so, what is your problem with a program that helps people obtain these essentials? Essentially your saying unless a person is homeless they don't deserve any from the government? Another point to consider is that the government provides us with good roads, stop lights, libraries, garbage service, etc…using our tax dollars, so what is the difference between funding your community infrastructure, and funding essential services to your actual community of people?

  8. may b says:

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  9. may b says:

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  10. Hmmmm…I feel that you are directing a lot of hostility toward me without any reason. I was just trying to start a dialogue. I am not a liberal or a conservative. I drive a gas guzzling truck,I like to hike and breath fresh air, and I also like good organic food and government programs that help people through tough times. 90% of my clothing and possessions are thrift store purchases. I am hard worker and small business owner. Taxes take a lot of my income. I believe that life is precious and I don't believe in big government. The way that you responded seems to me to want to start a fight rather then a conversation, whoever you are May B or May B's husband. I think liberal and conservative talking points are just so much hot air. I will only respond to the idea that my sister can afford certain foods if she forgoes certain items. I don't believe that is 100% accurate. If you take all these luxury items like tv, computer, internet, it only adds up to hundreds of dollars, perhaps a couple thousand. But a car is a necessity (unless we had way better public transportation), and when you have multiple children you need a safe car. It is not a luxury item, nor is it optional for two working parents to have only one car, you must have two, and then you have the insurance costs, etc… A food budget for the year is thousands of dollars for a couple. a family multiplies that by so much, It becomes one of the really big expenditures, like the mortgage and car payment. We're not talking about a $200 item that helps you relax, we're talking thousands of dollars that are perhaps missing in the budget.

  11. I am a Buddhist, not a Christian. I think it is important to have dialogue between those of different spiritual beliefs. Otherwise we just perpetuate this war.

  12. JohnBeckmann says:

    Sorry if it came out harsh. I didn't mean to offend i just have an off hand style of speaking that doesn't always come off as nice in writing. But i can assure you that if i was swearing or sounding mean it was only in a joking manner.

    My point was that if you saved a couple hundred more dollars per month it would be much easier to buy juice, cutting out luxury items would make this possible. It would also be possible if the government did not tax us so heavily.

    I also think that water is drinkable.

    I concede to your point about the car, that it is a necessity. But I still believe that it is not the government's role to buy juice for people.

    My points were not simply “hot air.” I really would rather die than let the government buy my juice because it would never come to that. I would either budget better, work another job, ask a friend to buy it for me or drink water.

    I don't understand how I am perpetuating a war, will you explain? A little heated debate never hurt anyone.

    And i was not hiding my identity. I signed the post. It was just logged into my wife's account at the time.

  13. Only one or two more comments. 🙂
    Who do you think provides you with that drinkable water and makes sure it is clean and safe, and makes sure the infrastructure is there to get the water from the lake to your tap? And that is all funded by?….
    Also, the water that goes into the orchards that provide fruit for the juice companies is from rivers, lakes, and aquifers that are ours, as Americans, and yet we let these corporations reap the benefits. So their wealth comes from our collective natural resource wealth. I don't see you bemoaning that whatsoever.
    I mean, really, it comes down to looking at the amazing complexity of all these interrelationships that exist in our society and world, and it behooves nobody to judge anything based on a broad generalization of a complex system. Thank you.

  14. Also ( I can't stop commenting aaaaaahhh) by perpetuating the war I meant the basic war that is constantly fed by the entire news organization and political machine, the war between so-called conservatives and liberals. I know conservative liberals and vice versa. It just does a disservice to bias your comments toward one or the other group based on your perceptions of which group they belong to because I bet we all blend a little into various groups. So saying you meant to post a conservative response to a conservative person is not valid in my book. A response is a response, a dialogue is a dialogue, between two human beings, or more.

  15. JohnBeckmann says:

    response to your first rebuttal…

    I already covered this in my previous post. If the government did not provide water or plumbing. Then I would… In other words an entrepreneur would see the profit in such a venture and take it upon himself to develop a system which would most likely (because of profit and reinvestment) be far better than any system the government could dream of?

    I did not quite understand what you were trying to say in the second half of the first rebuttal about water being used by farmers. Are you saying you want to tax water because farmers use it?

  16. JohnBeckmann says:

    second rebuttal…

    I disagree. I think there is a war between liberals and conservatives. Conservatives by definition believe in small government while liberals believe in big government. Thats a fact. Sure there are some who fit more right or left or middle but thats just the basic idea.

    To me that is worth fighting for because conservatism to me equals liberty, freedom, and a good idea. All of which are worth fighting for.

    Maybe your politics to you are not worth fighting for but they are to me.

    I don't know how religious war came up… I never mentioned anything of the sort.

    And to say that i just generalized a complex system and am ignorant of the bigger picture because i believe in common sense ideas and low tech solutions is belittling. What makes you think you know more about this “complex system”, which according to you, seems far too complex for little old me to understand?

  17. JohnBeckmann says:

    One more thing. If you believe that the government should provide internet access for people then by definition you are liberal. I don't care what you call yourself but your not conservative and thats why i will “fight” you. Because in my opinion you are wrong and I am right.

    Fight=friendly debate in this case

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