the van saga part 7: the conclusion

we got to the dealership and i unloaded the superstars who were behaving excellently (unfortunately; the one time i wanted them to be crazy!). the business manager greeted me at the door and said, “let’s see what we can do to fix this.”

when we got to his office, he showed me my seat.
as he sat himself in his chair, he told me something to the effect that this was unfortunate.
i sat down and said, “yes. and we need you to take care of this.”

tim (let’s just say his name was tim. i don’t think it was, but i guess this way i am protecting the identity of the “innocent.” which he WAS a very nice guy) protested a little, “this is just a big mix up.”
to which i said, “yes it is…..and we really need YOU to take care of it.”
tim–well, we can pay for half.
gianna, gently because i really wasn’t mad at tim just about the whole situation–i’m sorry it happened and we really need you to take care of it.
tim–we can’t do that, but i am offering to cover half of it for you.
gianna–this is a big inconvienence. i had to load up all my kids, drive all the way over here and i have to get to work soon. we really need you to pay for this. (remember i’m not good at these situations. when he offered to pay half, all that was in my head was my dad saying, “stick to your principles. don’t give in. don’t give in. don’t give in.”)

at this point, wordgirl, who was standing very calmly with her brother and sister (aaaugh! why couldn’t you be going crazy!?!), said, “mom? are we going to have to give the car back?”

i held my arm out to her to beckon her to come sit on my lap, “yes, sweetie, we may have to do that.”
then, i looked at tim (this is so much easier to write now that i’ve given him a name. try typing the business manager 50 times. it gets a little old), and said, “we are prepared to give the van back if this doesn’t get taken care of.”
he looked at me with a look of, “oh!” and said, “well, let me see if i can stop the paperwork.” and he jumped out of his chair. as he was walking out of the office, wordgirl BURST into tears. sobbing and crying on lap, i didn’t know what to do with her. i just kept patting her back and saying that it was going to be okay. i had NO idea what to do for her.
tim came back in and i told him that maybe the paperwork would have to wait a little bit because i wanted to take the superstars somewhere first. then, i could come back and finish up what needed to be done. i didn’t want to be stranded at the dealership with all the kids and NO food (and dash was in a cloth diaper. that would need to be taken care of, too!).
he hurried out of his office and once again, i tried to comfort wordgirl. she was so sad! (i can’t say that i blame her. i’m just glad i wasn’t attached yet)
when tim came back into his office, he sat down at his computer and said, “i don’t know how to push this through.”
i just stared dumbly at him. what did THAT mean? i thought he was trying to STOP the paperwork, not push it through.
he repeated himself and so i asked, “push what through?”
he explained, “i don’t know how we can pay for this. i guess we try to push it through without paying for it and if any bills come your way, you just forward them to us.”
once again, i stared dumbly at him. i asked, “does that mean we don’t need to give it back to you?”
to which he answered, “we can’t let you not have the van just because you won’t pay $75. you’ve got kids and you need it. i could lose my job.”
i couldn’t believe my ears, “she really WAS crying. i didn’t tell her to cry. but…..thank you.”
wordgirl looked at me and asked, “do we get to keep it, mommy?”
i nodded and said, “yes, sweetie. do you want to give him a hug?”
so wordgirl jumped off my lap and walked shyly to tim and gave him a hug.
tim said, “i’ve got kids, too. i understand.”
i had one last question, “do you think i could get that in writing so that if any bills come our way, we have the agreement written up?” (i can’t believe i thought of all of this. i was thinking so clearly! this is amazing!)
he agreed, we signed the paperwork, they put the registration on the back of the van, i loaded the kids, and away we went!
just like that!
AAAHHH! i did it! praise Jesus!
in the van as we drove away, i hollered out, “we did it! you were awesome, sweetie! praise Jesus!”
and wordgirl for the rest of the day would repeat, “we did it!”

honestly, though, it was NOT my intention to appeal to the emotions. wordgirl was just SOOO sad she couldn’t stop the tears from coming!

so without further adieu, our van. and this is OURS!

i had a friend at work ask me why i thought i should make the dealership pay for the plates and tabs when it IS something any car owner has to pay for.
i explained that it wasn’t about the money (although, i didn’t WANT to pay it), but about the hassle and how it should have been done the night before and how i was driving an illegal car around full of children.

i stuck to my principles and now i wasn’t questioning if we had done the right thing.
i stuck to my principles and we were blessed!


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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3 Responses to the van saga part 7: the conclusion

  1. Amanda says:

    WOW!!! I cant beleive how well you did… you 'negotiated' better then I ever wold have!!

    Way to go gianna!! I am SOOOO glad your family got what you needed and that the Lord blessed you for your obedience!!


  2. Wow, Gianna. I am so impressed!
    I'm really good at thinking about what I should say, and sticking to my guns in my mind. But when it comes to in-person stuff, I am such a wimp!
    Good for you for hanging in there.
    Thank You, Jesus!

  3. Lady Hatt says:

    Way to go, Gianna! I am a bit like you…talk big, but really a wimp!!!

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