princess pea: still my baby girl

*i’m so tired. i was resting my head on princess pea’s bed because i couldn’t hold it up anymore since i was so tired. chris came in to say goodnight to her and asked, “can i take mommy to her bed? she’s so tired and if she sleeps like that she will hurt her back.” to which princess pea replied, “yeah.” as i left her room, she cried and cried. like those heartbreaking tears that, as a mommy or a sister or whatever, rip your heart out!
*it was ironic that on the radio this morning they were talking about sticking your tongue to the flagpole because princess pea was outside this evening for a few minutes by herself (my little snowbaby! she LOVES it). suddenly, she was screaming so chris nonchalantly told me that she needed me. i went to the back door to see her hysterics and realized as i opened the door that she was attached to it! i screamed, “HER TONGUE IS STUCK ON THE DOOR!” talk about adrenaline surge! i grabbed a cup of water, gave it to chris who had run as fast as he could to the back, jumped out onto the snow covered back steps in my stockingfeet, and tried to keep her calm. chris couldn’t get the water to her tongue, so he huffed hot air onto the window. in less than 3 seconds, her tongue was free! she was screaming, and so i gathered her up in my arms carrying her into her room knocking dash over in the process. as i was trying to comfort her and calm her down (while a little blood oozed from her tongue–not too bad), wordgirl came in and said, “i’m really sad, mom.” augh, are you kidding me? i have a hysterical 3 year old who is in lots of pain and i have to deal with a 4 year old who decided THAT was the best time for her to ask for some attention?

deep breath!

so i looked at her and said, “she’s okay. she’s scared and it hurts, but she’s okay. right now, i need to focus my attention on her. you are okay. sit down right here.” as soon as i was able to get princess pea in a good hold/hug, i was able to hold wordgirl’s hand. then, as princess pea calmed even more, i was able to think clearly and give wordgirl some jobs to do to help her feel loved and involved and that actually DID assist me!

*giving up her soothie has been very difficult for her, but she is on day 5 and doing great. but since she doesn’t have that, she needs mom and dad even more which can be very taxing. today, however, as i was stroking her head as she went to sleep, she told me, “you’re the best mom ever.” more than once. oh, little girl, thank you!


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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One Response to princess pea: still my baby girl

  1. Oh, my! Adrenaline rush, indeed!
    Good for you for keeping her calm. I know that had to be hard – when your own heart was going crazy.

    And that line about being the best mom EVER? Oh! Hold on to that memory. How sweet! *grin*

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