superstar snapshots November 2009

on sunday night, princess pea had an accident.

not a bathroom accident, it was a bit more serious.
but not exactly a hospital emergency either.
after struggling just a little bit to get her into her pajamas, i think i either accidentally scratched princess pea, or i accidentally pulled her hair.
she let out a scream. kind of a tantrum scream, but not exactly. but then she started to THROW a fit. she turned herself around on her bed and threw her face down on the headboard of her bed.
i didn’t realize what exactly happened because i walked into the hall to put some dirty clothes in the pile and then came back. i knew it was bad when she wasn’t moving or screaming or anything but her face was buried in her pillow.
then, princess pea started SCREAMING!
she had landed right on her nose. she couldn’t calm down at all. even after she got her pig and soothie.
after that, i noticed the blood.
“CHRIS! i need a tissue. hurry?”
it wasn’t gushing out, but a bloody nose no matter what the reason. and all because she was throwing a fit! oh, how i wanted to lecture her. but at the same time, i wanted to cry and hug her and never let her go! the emotions a mother goes through! and a pregnant mother at that!
wordgirl was so cute because she wanted to help so badly, but she wouldn’t give us any space. she brought a tissue to us to show us how to dab at princess pea’s nose.
finally, i told her the best way for her to help would be to stay in her room for a little bit. and she did. she’s such a tenderheart.
princess pea is now doing fine. well, as fine as you can with a puffy nose.
poor little thing.

about dash, see, i told you he’s fast! so fast that he’s blurry! (or that could be his inept mother trying to get a cute picture!) his room got a makeover and i will show you pictures soon, but let me just say that chicken has now been added to his repetroire of words. it’s pretty cute.
he also likes to smacks his lips and then give you something to “eat” and wants YOU to smack your lips, pretending to eat it.

wordgirl has the sweetest heart ever! in passing i was telling her about the major, scary surgery that stellan (mckmama’s son) would be experiencing. and that God was in control and we had to pray for stellan and trust God. i was putting some things away and she was just kind of hanging out behind me. it was kind of just in passing. after a few minutes, i heard sniffles and turned to see wordgirl seriously crying!
“what’s wrong, sweetie?”
“stellan! he’s going to have a really big surgery! it’s scary!”
more tears!
wordgirl has never met stellan!
if she were a carebear, her name would have to be tenderheart!


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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4 Responses to superstar snapshots November 2009

  1. may b says:

    oh your babes. i wuv them.

  2. GeoLeoF says:

    Me too, I wuv em more!

  3. GeoLeoF says:

    Every DAY more, not more than other people more, if you know what I mean. Well maybe.

  4. librariane says:

    Do you know if there's been a card drive for Stellan? If not, we should organize one. I can send you a post of someone who's organized a few for other kids.

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