everyday sold out

i have been talking (er, writing) big. i still believe everything i have been saying in my last posts. being sold out for Jesus is EVERYTHING.
how can you be sold every day when being sold out can be so hard in the humdrum of life.
how do i be sold out when i am making dinner for my kids and husband and everyone is screaming and having meltdowns? (well not my husband)
how do i be sold out when i don’t get to see dane for more than 20 minutes on wednesdays because of work and cubbies and both he and i struggle with that every week?
how do i be sold out when i am in charge of 4 3-year-olds who won’t sit still for their verses?
how can i pass on my sold out living to my kids when i am more focused on my schedule than calling my brother back whom i haven’t talked to for months. what kind of love is that?
how do i be sold out when i just want to tell my kids to “shut up and get away from me?” (and as you know, sometimes i do)
how do i be sould out when all that consumes my thoughts daily is the next step with the kids? how do i start thinking eternally?
it’s hard to be sold on in everyday life. the truth is still the same, but everyday life has a way of humbling me to see that i can only live by faith and grace. i need to be gracious to others because Jesus has been so gracious to me!
i have come to the conclusion that it is important that i am faithful in passing on God’s truth to my little ones. so we are memorizing our cubbies verses and each month i have decided that we are going to memorize a verse as a family. i want God’s word hidden in my kids hearts especially when they are young.
also, i need to call my brother back (and others whom i love). i need to show him that he is important to me and not just ignore him.
being sold out is so much more than just talking. like crystal said, we can’t be self righteous. self righteousness is so oxymoronic. the truth that i have been talking about can only be accepted if we do it in love.
john 1:14 says that Jesus came in truth and grace. we cannot have one without the other. the friend running for the cliff is not going to listen to you if you whisper. nor is he going to listen if you shoot him with a pistol. at least not listen to the point of believing what you are trying to say is for his benefit.
if we get in his way without attacking him and love him, he will be more willing to listen. i don’t think we should run along side him and i don’t think we should insult him and i do think we should let him make his own choice. it’s ultimately his decision.
but if we love him, we need to present the facts.
“hey, you are running toward a cliff. if you don’t slow down, you could fall off. i’m not telling you what to believe or what to do, but i wanted to let you know. let me know if you need me to do anything. i’ll be here.”
even in the humdrum of life, you never really do know when these opportunities will present themselves. they are there with your kids. they are there with your neighbors (oh, that scares me). they are there with your co-workers.
opportunities to show that you are sold out for jesus will present themselves. no matter WHAT your “humdrum” life holds.
and how exciting to live your life waiting for the next one!


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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3 Responses to everyday sold out

  1. shawna b says:

    ah, i have to bring that book.
    youre learning (or relearning 🙂 ) the most important message Jesus shared. that either you follow him with everything youve got or don't even bother.

  2. Amanda says:

    well I love how you define sold out. I want to be that too!! But for me its a lot of realizing..”God is in the details.”

    I ask God about everything all day long. Where should I go grocery shopping… should I park there… should I stop and pray with Colton or just keep reprimanding him… should I be blogging or focusing on my family…

    He is in EVERYTHING I do. And I like it that way. Then I know that when I fail, it is for a reason.

    Great posts Gianna…they are getting better and better!!!!

  3. Jenny Aust says:

    I am realizing that this life is so short and that I don't want to miss opportunities. It's so hard and I struggle daily with it too. I pray that God will give you exactly what you (and I) need to be able to be sold out for Him every day.

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