mothering/fathering/parenting questions and a doctor story

so i know i have some of the cutest kids in the entire world. i do know that and i am forever grateful.
but i have some questions:
1. when did brin grow up enough to not want her soothie anymore? (her soothie is the kind of pacifier she uses: whenever she is tired or upset she asks for her pigandsoody, or at least she used t0. lately she has been asking for pigandsoody, but rejecting “soody.” which is very good. she’s growing up into a big girl, but she’s my baby girl!!!!!) okay, so she has grown up and is not wanting her soothie, but….
2. how do we get away from multiple spankings each night at bedtime. i don’t like it, it is not working and i need to keep her in bed. i would prefer the kids to be sleeping BEFORE 10:00 pm if possible. today brin slept HARD until 8:30 am because she was so exhausted.
3. on a different note completely, why does dane keep sticking his finger in his right ear when there is nothing wrong. the ent said it looked great. why do i keep seeing his finger poking into his ear? besides, it’s his left ear he can’t hear out of!
4. the best part about maya EVER, is that she has a beautiful and sincere heart. for example, we watched the movie wall-e, and she sobbed and sobbed because they shot wall-e out into outerspace and it wasn’t nice of them and what was going to happen to wall-e? how do i encourage her soft heart, but stop her from being (seriously for lack of a better term) a cry-baby? any ideas? right now i’m brainstorming and looking for ANYTHING!

on a completely different note, i want to tell you about this pictures. my family has been seeing dr. kolacz since they were all born. so for maya that is 4 years, brin 2 years, and dane 1 year. oh, and for me almost 10 years. we LOVE LOVE dr. kolacz. maya practically bowls her over with hugs when we see her. to make a LLLOOOONNNNGGGG story short, our clinc closed and dr. kolacz went to a different clinic. chris says it isn’t farther away, but it seems like it. plus with all the multiple trips we had been making for dane’s ear alone, i thought, this was a good time to switch to a pediatrician. so we did. (she is still MY doctor, but i won’t see her now for a while until after Fourdatzky is born) during the last time we saw her as a “family,” (i think it was me, dane, and maya–i know, terrible english) we gave her a card.

it had the best picture of our family (you know the one i keep posting because i LOVE it), and maya wrote out dr. kolacz’s name on the envelope.
i am STILL sad that we don’t see her regularly. she is the BEST doctor EVER. we are going to a great doctor now, but no one will EVER EVER top dr. kolacz.

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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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2 Responses to mothering/fathering/parenting questions and a doctor story

  1. Jenny Aust says:

    Wow, I think it's great that Brin doesn't need her soothy anymore…you got any ideas for how I can break Caleb of his nuk? : ) Yeah, bedtimes are rough around this house too. Sammy is pretty obedient, but still gets up out of bed at least three times to get some water or go to the bathroom. We just ignore her, and tell her to go to bed when she's done. But I don't think she falls asleep until 9:30 or 10:00. This is certainly NOT going to fly when Caleb starts sharing a room for her. Just tonight we are thinking of not putting her down for a nap (just give her quiet room time to play and read) and see if it improves. If I think of anything good, I'll let you know! Oh, and Sammy is so sensitive too! She cried when Piglet lost his scrapbook in a Pooh video! Helping her see things being resolved has been good for her, but I also don't want to stifle her heart of compassion. I really don't know what to do, except pray that God molds the quality into something positive and one that she doesn't get teased for later!

  2. The ear thing…. Danya does that now that one of her ears is wax free. It think she's trying to recapture what normal was for so long. Like it's too loud out of that ear so she's experimenting, either that or the sound episode of Sid the Science Kid has been on one to many times.

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