today is the day

10 years ago today, I woke up and thought, “Yes! I slept!”

10 years ago today, I woke all my closest girlfriends by jumping on them saying, “I’m getting married today!”

10 years ago today, jillayne drove me 50 miles round trip to get my hair done.

10 years ago today, i walked into the dressing room and saw that my dress wasn’t there and thought, “where’s my dress?”

10 years ago today, my mom came running into the dressing room, sobbing, “there was a hole burned in your dress, but kendra and i were able to fix it. we had to put a tuck in it. i hope you’re okay with it.”

10 years ago today, i told my mom that if it meant that i would wear my overalls to get married, i would be getting married and not to worry.

10 years ago today, kendra suggested that i give my mom a hug.

10 years ago today, i told my favorite friend of all time that i would love and cherish him through tears streaming down my face.

10 years ago today, we prayed for our marriage in front of our friends and family except that i couldn’t pray because i kept crying.

10 years ago today, i never imagined the life experiences we would go through together: going to the other side of the world (mongolia), moving 4 times in the first 4 years of marriage, having babies, dealing with post partum depression, job changes, not enough money, a surplus of money, flooding basements, hospitalizations for babies, vacations to colorado and indiana and duluth, strengthening relationships with families, happy times, sad times, triumphant times.

here’s to 10 years, chris, to another 10 years, to 10 times 10 years after that! i love you

About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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5 Responses to today is the day

  1. librariane says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Jenny Aust says:

    Yeah! 10 Years! Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. what a sweet post! Happy Anniversary!! Hope it's a great one!b

  4. Jillayne says:

    Yep. That was a fun day. 🙂

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