in their eyes

we’re taking over mommy’s blog (we don’t even know what a blog is!) because we gotta tell you about this really cool thing we got to go to. we met all these people. all these people came from our grandma kordatzky and her cousins. and some are even missing like aunt carissa and uncle bryan (and pablo).

maya:i’m going to tell you all about it.
my name is maya.
brin: no, i want to talk.
maya: no, brin, i’m taking my turn.
brin: but i wanna tell them.
maya: brin, brin, bbbbrrrrrriiiiinnnnn. it’s MY turn!
brin: no! you’re hurting my feelings!

giannamama: if you guys don’t tell it nicely, i’m going to take over and you won’t get to talk. brin, let maya go first and then you can have a turn, okay?

brin: hmph! *arms crossed*

maya: first we took this really long car ride. mommy and daddy got off of work and tried to pack everything as fast as they could, but it didn’t work out that well. we have a lot of stuff. plus, daddy’s cousin, melody, was going to ride with us (although we didn’t have to “wait” for her) we wanted to leave a 6:00. by 7:00, we finally left. we drove from new brighton, mn to burlington, wi to uncle chip and aunt ruhama’s house. we watched lots of movies. mommy rode in the back with us because melody rode up with daddy. dane didn’t like the car ride at all. he screamed a lot. we got to uncle chip and aunt ruhama’s house at 12:30 am. (mommy told me that). aunt ruhama had her sleeping bags on the floor ready for brin and me to sleep in. dane got to sleep in mommy and daddy’s room. we woke up at 6:30 and ran out to find melody and saw that she was awake.
she told me she wasn’t awake, but her eyes were open! she was awake. we played around aunt ruhama’s house for the morning and then had to get back into the car to drive to indiana. we had thought we would leave late morning. at 1:00, we were on the road.

mommy and dane and uncle chip in uncle chip’s dining room

brin: it’s my turn! i want to talk.
we had to drive through chicago.
maya kept asking, “when is traffic going to get better.” mommy kept saying, “every minute that passes is a minute closer to better traffic.”
we drove really slow.
then, daddy called aunt ruhama’s phone and asked uncle chip to look at our van to see if we had a flat. he said we didn’t but after a while, daddy said we had to get off because something was wrong.
so we got off the road into the heart of chicago. daddy checked under the van when we finally stopped. the tire wasn’t flat. it was something else.
maya: my turn! mommy said i had to try going to potty, so when we stopped at a gas station, we walked into the store and mommy asked where the bathroom was. the man said it was outside and gave her a key attached to an ice scraper. then, we walked BACK outside and mommy opened the bathroom.
she looked in and before we even walked in said very loudly, “DON”T TOUCH ANYTHING!”
we both went potty and didn’t even wash our hands. mommy had wipes in the van that we used. she seemed a little scared of the bathroom.
then, i brought the key back to the man in the store and said thank you. i tried to fit the key and the ice scraper under the window that was between me and the man behind the desk.
why was that there anyway?

brin: i get to talk, maya! we FINALLY made it to indiana. dane was SOOOO happy to get out of the van. we all played at a church. this chuch is so big it has its own discovery zone play area. all of daddy’s cousins’ kids were already playing and maya and i wanted to play. everyone was SO loud that i didn’t like it. i went down other slides because everyone was yelling for jimmy to come play. at first i didn’t like jimmy very much. once maya said, “i don’t want to go down the slide because everyone is so loud.” and maya doesn’t care about that usually. jimmy wanted to play with me AGAIN, but no way!

josh is a truck driver and took a look to see if we had to be super worried. turns out we were okay.

giannamama: okay, this is starting to talk too long. i need to fill in the highlights! saturday, everyone met at a park. the park used to be the farm of the wilsons (chris’s mom’s family)

a picnic was provided by aunt pat. she does food so WELL! and she knew to have the food out early for the kids! smart grandma, she is!

there was a gigantic playground to play on, but before he took her over, chris told brin she had to finish her watermelon. she walked to this tree, leaned against, and finished her watermelon. she was neither disappointed or estatic. she just did what she was told. this is truly AMAZING!

bob, ruhama, linda, dad kordatzky milling around uncle mark andaunt sue’s yard (i believe)

usually at these big family get togethers, my kids tend to be in the background. i am such an out there in your face type person, this kind of bugs me. i want people to see how AWESOME my kids are! that didn’t happen this time. my kids were so loved!

dane stole the show. number 1: he’s cute and number 2: he’s super social.
he would go to anyone without a complaint. and everyone wanted a piece of him.

tom and dane, wherever dane pointed, tom would go!

(tom and melissa sproul were some of the most beautiful people i have EVER seen!)

the mels and dane and brin
brin loved and was loved by melody. i knew mel was “in” when i found brin at the house one morning sitting as close to mel as she could without actually sitting on her!

after our midwestern meal on saturday night, the neighbors let us borrow their 3 go-carts. this is a picture of mel jump right in front of all the little kids waiting for their turn on the go-carts. yep, sometimes it pays to be bigger.
this is kent taking asher for a ride. asher is 2 and belongs to pete and natalie–not kent.

watching a movie in the barn: dane and i didn’t stay too long. no wonder, huh? he’s 14 months!

at the movie, maya couldn’t find me (since i was in the house) so she attached herself to marta (who is dan’s fiance) and told her that they needed to find me. not that she wanted to sit with me at the movie, but that i needed to BE at the movie. it was ratatoille and i do like that movie, but it was getting cold.

maya, marta, dan, in this picture, marta is trying to hold maya’s head up but maya is REFUSING to cooperate. can you tell?

finally on sunday afternoon, after we had a sharing time together at liberty bible church, brin accepted jimmy.


he didn’t really want to let her go after that. they walked around the church together like 3 or 4 times holding hands, “looking for maya” (who happened to disappear!). it was jimmy’s idea, but after awhile, brin was saying, “come on, jimmy, come on!”

after a nap and drive back to milton (another 4 hours), our trip was finally nearing the end. the girls got to ride with grandma and grandpa to milton pointing at every single water tower and shouting at the top of their lungs, “WATERTOWER!” which i’m not sure how we encouraged, but it is going to take YEARS before they stop doing that!

what a great time. i could do that again in 3 years! anyone up for that?

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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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5 Responses to in their eyes

  1. librariane says:

    Oh, man! Get those photos on Winkflash! I'm going to add a couple more to my FB file, too.

  2. shawna b says:

    yah for big families!

  3. Arletta Rue says:

    looked like a great time!!! and I loved athe way Maya and Brin got to tell it .

  4. Jenny Aust says:

    What a crazy, but fun weekend! And I loved the way Brin and Maya told part of the story! Too cute!

  5. Micah says:

    Sounds like you guys had a great time! I love time with family. We make every excuse to get together!
    By the way, I tagged you in my post! Your turn!

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