friday fave five: joys of "little" importance

please join me for my friday fave five hosted by sussane at living to tell the story.

1. blatant answers to prayer. after my whole shoe fiasco (remember these posts? fiasco 1 and fiasco2 and on a side note, don’t type the word fiasco over and over at 11:45 pm. it starts looking incredibly bizarre!), we decided that i needed new shoes and so did chris (athletic shoes, i should be more specific, for both of us). soon there after, we had to get the air conditioner and the exhaust system overhauled in our van and at the cost of $850. there goes our new shoes. bye bye shoes! so i decided, “you know what. i’m going to pray for some new shoes. God knows i am enjoying running and it’s relatively free (except for the shoes). so i’m just going to ask him for them. if he gives them to me, great! if not, i’ll just have to be patient and use the shoes that my mom gave me for the time being.” (the shoes my mom gave me are a great back up pair, but i don’t think they are running shoes.) this was my prayer: “God, i know they aren’t important in the whole scheme of things, but since we had to pay a lot of money to get the van fixed, we don’t have money for them. i am praying for new running shoes. i know you give us the desires of our heart and if it’s not in your will, i’m okay with that, but i’m asking for new shoes.”
yesterday, after praying for new shoes for a week or so, my co-worker, connie (remember connie? the one i ACCUSED of stealing my shoes. in jest. it was all in jest), asked me if i had new shoes yet. i told her i had a pair of shoes from my mom that were getting me by. she said, “oh, i was going to give you mine since we were the same size.” they hurt her shins really bad, and she and her husband are convinced she needs different shoes.
these shoes are practically NEW! and they fit perfectly! they. are. so. COOL!

2. this conversation i had with maya
maya: mom, is dane bigger?
mom: yeah….dane is bigger.
maya: yyyyeeeeeaaaa! we get to have a puppy!
mom: what?
maya: you said when dane was bigger we get to have a puppy!

3. yesterday, i watched brin love on our neighbor. somehow she crawled up into his arms and put her hands on his face (one on each cheek). suddenly, i saw her plant a 2 year old kiss on this hardened weathered bulgarian mechanic’s cheek. he wasn’t expecting it either. it was so sweet. you couldn’t wipe the grin off zivko’s face.

4. thank you notes. i like writing thank you notes. i love expressing how much it means to me that someone loves me. if i could (but i won’t), i would start a thank-you-note-writing service. i’m not very good verbally expressing myself, but i love to make sure people know what i’m thinking which therefore means that i will write (whether i am good at it or not).

5. that leads me to my next fave. i love exclamation points! for those of you who don’t know me, i am VERY loud (even when i’m trying to be quiet, it’s very sad). so when i am expressing myself in writing, there are LOTS of exclamation points.
so even when it’s silent, i am still yelling!

i hope you had a worthwhile week. take a minute to find something to be thankful for and enjoy the life God has given us.


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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9 Responses to friday fave five: joys of "little" importance

  1. librariane says:

    So what is your love language? Chip and I did that book before getting married, but I think I need to do it again… my answers are probably different.

  2. ellen b says:

    Hi Gianna! What a sweet answer to your prayer! I love it! Can you tell I like exclamation points too!!
    I also am a lot better expressing myself in writing. sometimes I just feel like a verbal idiot! What a wonderful moment with the Bulgarian. Oh and Maya might be cut out to be a lawyer!

  3. Brenda says:

    I like exclamation points too! That conversation with your child is precious

  4. Susanne says:

    We got bit with the car air conditioner repair bill of $1500. I almost keeled over. Thank God he is our provider! How awesome He answered your prayer for new shoes.

  5. Karyn says:

    Wow! What a wonderful reminder of how much the Father loves you!

    Your kids are precious…I laughed out loud at the conversation about the puppy – you got caught! And the image I get of the little girl giving the old man a kiss makes me smile.

    Great list! I love exclaimation points too!

  6. Barbara H. says:

    What a neat answer to prayer!

    What a funny conversation with Maya. Kids are definitely literal thinkers!!

    That's sweet about the kiss.

  7. Robin says:

    Yay to God for answered prayers! Enjoy those shoes that God gave you!
    What kind of puppy are you getting LOL!

  8. Anonymous says:

    You are very good at writing thank you notes. I always read them many times. ( I need to do a thank-you note unit with my students; they are terrible, even as seniors.) – Mom K

  9. Jenny Aust says:

    Praise God for answered prayers! He is soooo good, isn't He! And I LOVE exclamation points too!

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