my own easter "drama"

so this year, i made it to the easter service in time to hear and reply to “he is risen!” but what i didn’t tell you was HOW i made it in time. i had to take brin to her classroom and she was being extra clingy because she didn’t know her teachers (and plus she is JUST barely starting to enjoy going to her class). anyway, i had to change her diaper because she was really poopy and then she wouldn’t let me put her down. oh and on top of all of this, they ran out of wipes and the wipes i had to use were more than half dry. after holding her for about 5 minutes, i was able to finally give her to a teacher who was a sub so she herself was trying to get orientated. by this time the service had already started, but i HAD to go to the bathroom. there was NO way around it! if i didn’t go, i wasn’t going to make it through church. so i stopped in the bathroom and as i was in a stall, i heard chris keller come in. chris keller is a very animated loving and genuine person. she was exclaiming over the fact that she loved easter and seeing everyone in church (like kids from the youth group who had graduated etc.). i washed my hands as she was talking to some friends of hers and as i left the bathroom i think i said, “happy easter.” to which she purposely looked at me and said, “he is risen!” and i replied, “INDEED!” chills!
then, as i was on my way to the sanctuary, i passed chris who hadn’t brought dane to the nursery yet. so he took dane to the nursery and i chose to wait for him outside the doors (i was waiting there with my cousin who i will post about more later). the whole time i was waiting, i kept thinking, “i’m going to miss it. well, if they ask, i will answer out here!” chris finally made it and i didn’t miss it! because they didn’t say it until all the singing was done and the pastor got up and started his sermon. then he finished the service repeating it!
our God is risen from the dead! praise be to our God and Father, the Lord Jesus Christ!


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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  1. GeoLeoF says:

    You have good friends, and good relatives too, not counting me! 🙂

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