for fore four 4

maya is four. what happened to my little 3 year old who was looking forward to a new baby brother (who she insisted was a girl) and awana cubbies? those milestones have come and gone. now having dane in the family is absolutely normal and cubbies is old hat! what’s my verse this week, mama?
maya LOVES to be a girl. she loves pretty things and jewelry and dresses and skirts and shoes and dancing. she has a beautiful heart that is sensitive to those around her and very soft toward God.
she is one of the most verbal un-shy kids i know. really, you can ask anyone who knows her.
she loves playing with her sister and teaching what is “right and wrong” (much to brin’s detriment). and she LOVES to entertain dane. she can make dane laugh like no one! she will do it constantly!
she is still a daddy’s girl and loves her grandmas and grandpas french and kordatzky so much!
she is one of my prayer partners. if i get a prayer request over the phone or email or even if i just remember one, we pray together and maya asks lots of questions trying to understand.
here are some of the highlights over this past year: oh, how i love my pretty girl!
When Maya work up, she said, “I’m a big girl!”
She was playing with some big wodden beads and her fingers got smashed in between the beads. She started crying and followed me into her room saying, “maybe i shouldn’t play with the beads anymore.”
she prayed for her friend abby who was sick and throwing up, “thank you that abby is sick. thank you that she is throwing up. thank you that she isn’t feeling good.”
before we went downstairs into the basement, maya opened the front door and called, “goodbye world! we are going downstairs now.”
when my water broke with dane, maya asked me if i was going potty in my pants.
i took the kids for a walk with brin and maya in the stroller. as we were almost home, the girls were singing “jesus loves me.” when they finished, maya said, “now we have to pray because we love God.” so brin folded her hands and maya prayed, “dear Jesus. thank you because we love God.”
on ou r walk today, maya was talking to brin very matter-of-factly, “we don’t drink potty, brin. we go potty in the toilet.”
maya was making some noise so chris asked her waht she was doing and she said she was “rooing like and elephant.”
we put maya and brin to bed and went downstairs to watch tv. when we were down there, we heard something, so i went to check the girls. the door was still closed but i heard, “…rule number two! no singing! no talking! rull number three! respect and obey mommy and daddy! and you didn’t do it, brin! you didn’t do the bedtime chores! you ruined it!”then, i went in and said, “do you guys need help?” maya responded, “yeah. can you turn my cd back on?” I asked if she yelled at brin. “no, i was just mad!” “why were you mad?” “because she didn’t do the rules!”
aunt lis aske dher how i fold the towels since everyone folds them differently. maya said, “she puts them in the washer and dryer and they fold themselves.”
had a tummyache because she had gas. she told me, “i think i got gas because i gargled.”
she asked me to do something for her and i said, “what are the magic words?” her reply was, “bibbiti bobbiti boo!”

you are a sparkle in my life! i love you, maya! and to celebrate this fantastic day, we are having pink and purple cupcakes with sprinkles–from a box!


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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2 Responses to for fore four 4

  1. Carissa says:

    I love the “good bye world” and the magic words the best!I know I had a lot of fun talking with Maya over Christmas 🙂

  2. gianna says:

    she is very chattery! last night we watched WallE and she cried and cried. it was so sweet.

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