success! part 2

just a “few” more pictures to show everyone. i wanted to make sure i highlighted each of our guests! and some of the fun i missed in part one!

being acrobats was fun! everyone took a turn to do a somersault. even sophie who our pink cinderella for the day! i believe this is meg going for it! yea, meg!
grandma and grandpa clown with the kordatzky kids. they were the HIT of the party even though many of the kids were quite unsure about them at first!

being puppy dogs. this is them begging. are they not CUTE! I kept doing this because i couldn’t take how cute they were when they begged. maya said that this is what horses do. what?!?

getting ready to go upstairs for the peanut hunt! everyone had their bags and was listening to the instructions. i told everyone that they needed to find 5 circus peanuts. and i told them that i wanted to hear them counting. did i hear anyone counting? yep! i heard meg!

go gavan! you did great SURROUNDED by girls! i guess it helps that you have lots of girls in your family!

corinn, it was so nice to see you! we hadn’t seen you since november!

this is keira again! we unintentionally met her and her mom and brother at the eagle’s nest one day. it was so fun!

making clown hats!

hard at work decorating!

serious sticker fun!

maya’s guests

corinn: a very sweet girl. just today i heard maya calling her a best friend, BUT corinn has always had a special place in maya’s heart. we are always praying for corinn and talking about her family.

abby: abby is EXACTLY 50 weeks older than maya. in fact when i was in labor with maya, we had to send abby’s mom to our house from the hospital to get all of our bags: long long story. while i was in labor, chris, angel (our friend) and i were watching her. abby walked the halls with me while i was in labor with maya. okay, tangent.
abby is one of maya’s closest friends. maya always talks about abby o….

meg: maya is about 1 month younger than meg and has been invited to meg’s parties. meg is a good friend from cubbies, and she makes all of us laugh out loud! my favorite thing that she said at the party was, “where’s lily l…..t? i want lily!” she is another friend from church. i had to say, “you know, meg? maya wanted lily to come too, but we had to choose only a few friends! we couldn’t invite that many!” lol!

maya: the birthday girl!

brin: the birthday girl’s happy and proud sister!

sophie: one of maya’s good friends from church. maya has been going to HER birthday parties since before she was 2! (sophie’s birthday is about 2 months before maya’s)

gavan: one of maya’s best friends from church. maya LOVES gavan and i believe the feeling is mutual. they have the best time playing together. it is so so fun! at church and especially cubbies with 26 cubbies in their room, they kind of just gravitate to each other. everyone else is a bit overwhelming!

keira: a spunky friend from church! she is EXACTLY 5 months younger than maya, but she is SO good for maya! maya is afraid of lots of things. keira is not really afraid of anything. they balance each other nicely!

okay, so i had to put this one in. she is SO cute! brin! she is VERY proud of her hat!

this picture is so FUNNY!

grandpa clown was a hit with these 2 characters!

aunt lis! how could i forget her in the guest line up! grandpa clown’s sister and on the top of the guest list!

the cake before the first cut!

the big blow out!let the claustrophobia begin! inching. inching. inching. IWANTTOSEE!

maya was so gracious! and brin trying to yank it out of her hands. and meg barely waiting to see herself!

“oh thank you!”

i know this picture is bad, but doesn’t the cake look cool? it really is too bad that it tasted horrible!

the hit of the party! or should i say? the stars of the show!

happy birthday, maya! let’s do it again in like 3 or 4 years! that really was so super fun! exhausting, but you were a great hostess and i am proud of you for enjoying every single one of your guests!


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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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