hurting hearts

Prayers for Stellan

i went to college with mckmama. she probably took classes with my husband since they were both education majors. however, i didn’t know her except that she was that pretty girl who was really popular and i totally wasn’t in the same level of coolness as she was. i thought there was NO way she would want to be my friend since i was so uncool.
don’t get me wrong, she’s not like this at all, but this was the lie i believed.
anyway, we have a couple of mutual friends who introduced me to her blog.
i have enjoyed reading her blog and participating in her not me monday carnivals.

until now.

i didn’t realize how much i loved her family and how much her writing and openness helps me to appreciate mine.
this winter when her son, stellan, had rsv, it took everything that i had to not run over to the PICU and visit her. you see, i work for the drs. at the hospital where her son was inpatient. and not any doctors, but the intensivists who run the PICU. how awkward would that have been, “hi, we went to college together. you probably don’t remember me, but i read your blog everyday and you are so cool and you take great pictures. oh, and here are some cookies. i only made 20 dozen so here are like 12 dozen just for you alone because you are so cool. that’s all! bye!”
now that stellan is back in with an even worse condition, i have had to restrain myself even more. all i want to do is run over there and let her know that i am praying for her/stellan. that maya is praying for her/stellan.
i also haven’t feel so communially tied to someone i don’t really know. and until yesterday, i haven’t ever talked about someone i don’t really know SOOO much. i have introduced her blog to my co-workers and we are following her story so closely.
my co-worker, rachel, said yesterday, “if anything happens to stellan, we are all going to cry.”
last night at cubbies, my friend, anna, said, “you know mckmama, right?”
to which i explained the above story….oh, gianna, all she wanted to verify is that you read her blog. but anyway, who would have thought that i would be crying and worrying and praying and thinking constantly about this really cool girl from college? not me, but i am glad i get to pray for her. i’m also glad that we have a mutual friend in brittney/kendra/jessica so that mckmama is a real person to me and i can see her in a nonblogfamous light.
hold on to jesus, mckmama (aka j.s. now j.m.) because his strength is perfect in our weakness! you are an inspiration!

About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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3 Responses to hurting hearts

  1. Jenny Aust says:

    I spent an hour today reading up on her blog about Stellan! I totally remember Jennifer, but again, way too cool for me! : ) I too am praying for Stellan every day. Caleb is going under general anesthesia tomorrow for his kidney scan, yet it seems so small compared to what their family is going through. Thanks for mentioning her so that I can also pray!

  2. gianna says:

    oh, poor caleb. i will be praying for him. have you read chris’s blog lately?

  3. shawna b says:

    we belong to the same family. so when one suffers we all suffer.

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